September 10, 2014 : ClixSenseNow get an instant commission for every active referral you bring to ClixSense. For every referral who activates their account and completes their profile, you will earn a special signup commission in addition to the standard signup commission: Premium members will earn $0.10 for every new active referral while Free members will earn $0.05 for each new active referral.
This is a limited time promotion only and is set to expire on October 9, 2014 at 12:00pm EST. Depending on the success of this promotion ClixSense may or may not extend it indeterminately. Be sure to read the rules and don’t abuse this promo by using PTSU to gain referrals. If you do so you could loose your ClixSense account. Be sure to read the Promo Conditions. [Forum Announcement]

Along with this ClixSense have also introduced the Affiliate Link Shortener.