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Welcome to the Advertisers Corner.


Here I have made an effort to present various types of advertising packages offered by PTCs right from those with a very small budget to the rich ones.

PTC stands for Paid To Click. A PTC cannot exist if it does have real advertisers which is why it is so important for a PTC to have regular advertisers.


You can find a variety of advertising deals among different PTCs right from very cheap ones (from $0.0005 per click) to the really expensive ones ($0.045 per click).

Aurora sites have cheap advertising rates and thus attract a lot of advertisers.

“Bux” sites show their own self-sponsored ads and hardly have external advertisers and this is the main reason of their high fail rate. On the other hand, Real PTCs like Wordlinx, ClixSense, LinkGrand and many other similar program are running without any problems for years and will continue to do so as long they follow the same path they have been all these years.


I have created separate pages for advertisement prices for different categories to avoid a long and lengthy page here. So if you can go to the page you wish directly according to your budget.



Good luck and wish you success with your advertising campaigns.

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