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Here are the advertising rates for “bux” sites. Scroll down or simply click their logos to jump to them.



The most famous of them all – NeoBux, offers a variety of choices to advertisers. Have a look.

Below mentioned are the features between different type of exposures on NeoBux.

Micro Exposure Mini Exposure Standard Exposure Extended Exposure Fixed
Per Click Per Click Per Click Per Click Per Day Per Click
Minimum Exposure Time 5 seconds 15 seconds 30 seconds 60 seconds 5 seconds 5 seconds
Detailed Statistics
Shows Description
1x 4x 9x 19x Varies
Facebook page | Google+ page | Facebook “Like” | Google+ “1” | Twitter

Example : NeoBux Social Sharing Bar


Advertising Rates for NeoBux are listed below.

Micro Exposure
(5 seconds)
Mini Exposure
(15 seconds)
Standard Exposure
(30 seconds)
Extended Exposure
(60 seconds)
Clicks Price Clicks Price Clicks Price Clicks Price
2500 $5 500 $5 250 $5 250 $8
5000 $9 1000 $9 500 $9 500 $13
10,000 $15 2000 $15 1000 $15 1000 $23
25,000 $36 5000 $36 2000 $28 2000 $44
50,000 $65 10,000 $65 5000 $69 5000 $107
100,000 $120 20,000 $120 10,000 $135 10,000 $210
200,000 $230 40,000 $230 20,000 $260 20,000 $400
500,000 $550 100,000 $550 50,000 $640 50,000 $990
1x Free AdPrize Hits
Example : Buy 1000 paid clicks & get 1000 free hits on AdPrize
4x Free AdPrize Hits
Example : Buy 1000 paid clicks & get 4000 free hits on AdPrize
9x Free AdPrize Hits
Example : Buy 1000 paid clicks & get 9000 free hits on AdPrize
19x Free AdPrize Hits
Example : Buy 1000 paid clicks & get 19000 free hits on AdPrize


NeoBux also offers fixed ads (with a 5 second timer similar to Micro ads) where you are not guaranteed any number of hits. Your link will remain on the site for the duration of your purchase so you could get more clicks than you expect or a little less. On an average, NeoBux gets anywhere between 60,000 to 80,000 unique hits everyday so you can do the calculation yourself.


A Fixed Exposure can only be distributed to a single advertisement which will be displayed for the amount of purchased days without interruption. You won’t be able to split this exposure between multiple advertisements nor to split the days of the exposure.

Fixed Ads rates are as follows.

FIXED Advertisement (5 seconds exposure)
Exposure Time Price Price per day Free AdPrize Hits
12 hours $60 $120 Varies

10% to 85% of all AdPrize visualizations depending on the currently available advertisement’s AdPrize credits.
1 day $100 $100
3 days $291 $97
7 days $665 $95
14 days $1260 $90
30 days $2550 $85
60 days $4800 $80
90 days $6750 $75
180 days $12,600 $70
365 days $23,725 $65

AdPrize NeoBux introduced a new feature called AdPrize in January 2012 whereby advertisers get free exposure to their ads depending on the purchase made.

Depending on the amount of clicks and the type of exposure, you’ll get from 2 times to 20 times what you’ve purchased. Each time a user sees one of your advertisement you’ll be granted from 1 to 19 AdPrize credits (depending on the exposure type) and your advertisement will be viewed for free as a bonus after it has expired or when it’s paused.
Here’s how the distribution will work:

  • Micro Exposure : 2x
    You’ll get what you purchased and the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Mini Exposure : 5x
    You’ll get what you purchased and 4 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Standard Exposure : 10x
    You’ll get what you purchased and 9 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Extended Exposure : 20x
    You’ll get what you purchased and 19 times more the same amount to be viewed again in AdPrize.
  • Fixed Advertisements : Varies
    Your advertisement will get more views during the exposed period in AdPrize (for all Purple Fixed Advertisements: from 10% to 85% of all AdPrize visualizations depending on the currently available advertisement’s AdPrize credits).

A few guidelines :

  • All bonus credits will be shown in AdPrize for 5 seconds each regardless of the exposure purchased.
  • Demographically filtered advertisements will be shown unfiltered in AdPrize.
  • If you don’t want your advertisement to be displayed using bonus credits in AdPrize you only need to deactivate that exposure in your advertisements settings page. You can define it individually for each advertisement.
  • Disabling an advertisement from being displayed won’t remove unused bonus credits. Unused bonus credits will only be removed if the advertisement is deleted by you or due to inactivity.
  • Only advertisements that have been viewed in the past 7 days will be shown in AdPrize.
  • You’ll have a comprehensive running total of credits available and used. Fixed advertisements will get credits even if no credits are available.

Social sharing on NeoBux Advertisers can also add social awareness to their advertisement(s) by including their social networks when running their campaign(s) on NeoBux. This can be done for all exposures, regardless of the exposure type.

How does this work?
Pretty simple. Every advertiser (who has at least purchased one click pack) will be able to add Facebook, Google+, and Twitter content.
This will be done in a simple way: Go to your advertisement settings page, click the “Add Social Networks” buttons and fill in the form.

Currently you’ll be able to add the following:

  • Facebook page: This will be the actual Facebook page.
  • Facebook “Like” page: This will be the page where you’d like to receive “Likes” and can be any valid URL.
  • Google+ Page: This will be actual Google+ page.
  • Google+ “+1” page: This will be the page where you’d like to receive “+1” and can be any valid URL.
  • Twitter Screen Name: The screen name of the twitter page you want to receive follows. You’ll have an option to display or hide the total followers that page has.

You’ll be able to preview and test your links before submitting them.

Once you setup the social networks’ information you need (can be all or just some) and save the changes, you can enable/disable it individually for each advertisement. Imagine you have 5 advertisements and only want to show the social networks’ information in 2 of them. In that case, you can enable it just for those 2.

For the advertisements you have it enabled, all the icons and links for the information you entered will be placed in the page where your advertisement is always displayed positioned just below the NeoBux logo, on the header of the page.


NeoBux Social Sharing

Users can simply click a “Like” button, for example, if they like to or follow your Twitter which makes advertising campaigns more complete, more profitable and advantageous for advertisers.

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    NeoBux was very clever making their advertising rates, they make sure you spend at least $5.

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    about 4 years ago

    i personally know a few people who have made lots of profits from advertising in neobux . But they provided quality content which was liked by their customers.Other than that some new sites can also be advertised to get referrals because of its loads of potential.Other sites can also be used to advertise especially when they are running promos.

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    PTC Solution is gone.

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  • #7 written by PTC Scrutiny
    about 2 years ago

    <img src=""&gt;
    February 23, 2016 : NeoBuxAdvertising rates for most of the click based advertising packs have been slashed. Fixed exposures are not included in this price reduction. The prices are final and not a temporary promotion.

    Here's a comparison between the old and new rates.

    <img src=""&gt;

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