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This page was last updated on : September 1, 2013

You can not only advertise on PTCs but also through Ad publishers. The advantage with dealing with publishers is that you can track your advertisement campaigns (track the conversion rate through CTR) and also set a particular budget if you wish not exceed it. You can find many publishers but Adhitz is the most widely used ad publisher among PTCs. Majority of PTCs use Adhitz on their site.


AdHitz makes it easy to buy and sell advertising online, giving advertisers and publishers more transparency and control. With banner and text ads, AdHitz has created a simple and more effective advertising marketplace for advertisers and publishers of all sizes.

AdHitz is a subsidiary company of ClixSense Inc., – an established PTC running since 2007.

You can either purchase ads on sites which have set their own arbitrary rates or opt for a Network campaign.

If you purchase Network ads on Adhitz,, your ads will be shown on sites when there are no ads listed in the publishers’ account or nobody has purchased an ad on the publishers’ site. You will be charged on a CPC (cost per click) basis so you only pay if someone actually clicks them. Thus, you only pay for impressions that convert to click-throughs. So stop wasting your money on traffic that doesn’t convert!

This is why advertising through publishers is in some ways better than advertising on PTCs since you will be paying only for clicks made by people who are actually interested in clicking your ad.

AdHitz offers a flat rate CPC (Cost per click) — Instead of a bidding system where advertisers often pay exorbitant rates to have their adverts shown, advertisers will pay a flat rate for each click received. The value of the click is determined by the country where the click originated as illustrated below. Advertisers are not charged for invalid or fraudulent clicks.

You can find the rates here –

Adhitz offer 13 different sizes for text ads and 5 different sizes for image ads to choose from.
Click here to view samples.

Available Sizes Text Ad Image Ad
728×90 – Leaderboard
468×60 – Banner
234×60 – Half Banner
120×600 – Skyscraper
160×600 – Wide Skyscraper
125×125 – Button
180×150 – Small Rectangle
200×200 – Small Square
250×250 – Square
120×240 – Vertical Rectangle
300×250 – Medium Rectangle
336×280 – Large Rectangle
240×400 – Fat Skyscraper


On Adhitz, by default ads are NOT displayed on the same site if the domain matches. For example, ads from are NOT shown on as it would make no sense.
However, if you are using a link shortner (like or some other kind of tracking URL then Adhitz cannot match it against the domain where it’s being shown. In that case, you will have to contact Adhitz support and request them to not show your ad on that domain.


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  • #1 written by PTC Newbie
    about 4 years ago

    Witch ptcs do you think gives best results doing banner advertising through adhitz? And what type of banner ad is best cpc or bulk? (example : by day or 1 week) And what size banner should i use?

    Thanks in advance.

    • #2 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 4 years ago

      Try the ones that get the most traffic. ClixSense for sure is a great choice to advertise a banner. CashnHits too gets a lot of traffic as per their Adhitz page. The newer sites like ClickFair and NerdBux are promoted a lot so those too could be good choices.

      It would depend on what you feel is more cost effective. I personally would never pay more than $0.05 per click. The duration of the ad depends on your budget.

      468×60 banners are the most widely used so that would be the first choice. But some sites like to display the 728×90 leaderboard banner on their header in which case, that would be a better choice. Depending on where your ad would get prominence, choose the size accordingly.

      If you are looking to promote established programs like Neobux and ClixSense, then either go for a custom banner or advertise them through a text ad. I don't think a banner ad for famous sites would give good results.

  • #3 written by adhitz
    about 4 years ago

    I love Adhitz. I have use them to promote my microjobing website and I can say that I love them. And the best thing is that cost 0.01 dollars per click

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