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This page was last updated on : June 20, 2016

Lets look at the rates offered by the oldest and established PTCs which have been running successfully for years and years depending on advertisers like you, you and you.
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ClixSense WordLinx


Perhaps the hottest PTC currently, ClixSense offers a variety of advertising campaigns for people with all types of budgets.


ClixGrid Game
clixgrid thumbnail

If you’re just looking to increase your website’s traffic, you can try advertising on ClixGrid.

Advertise on the ClixGrid Game for as low as $0.45 per day!
Your sites will receive thousands of views (averaging 20,000/month), costing as little as $0.0007 per view! Great way to increase traffic to your site at a very low cost.

  • Minimum 5 seconds exposure time after the site fully loads
  • Great way to increase traffic to your site at a very low cost
  • Guaranteed daily unique visits

Pricing per link varies from $6 for 7 days to $100 for 180 days (see table below for details).
Multiple links may be purchased at the same time and volume discount applies, therefore, the more you purchase the more you save!
For example, submit at least 10 links, of any duration, and get a 10% discount from the total!

Once your ad is live, you will be allowed to change your links only once by sending a helpdesk ticket.

7 $6
15 $11
30 $20
60 $38
90 $54
180 $100
Number of Links Discount
5 – 9 5%
10 – 14 10%
15 – 19 14%
20 – 24 17%
25+ 19%


Paid-to-Click Ads
clixsense ptc ads thumbnail
ClixSense offers 5 different types of exposure for the PTC Ads. They are Micro, Mini, Standard, Extended and Sticky. Each has a different exposure time that varies from 3 to 60 seconds with different options available. They also require a different amount of Ad Credits per click.
Members will be more tempted to click on ads with longer exposure like the Standard or Extended and because of the longer exposure higher conversion rates are to be expected.
If you’re just looking to increase your website’s traffic, the Micro and Sticky exposures are the best choice at very low cost, however these types have limited targeting options and statistics available. Check the table below for all the filters available for the different types of exposures.

On ClixSense you will have to purchase Ad credits and then distribute them to your advertisements.

Below mentioned are the details about the types of advertisements.

Exposure Type Per Click Per Click Per Click Per Click Per Day
Ad Timer (in seconds) 3 15 30 60 5
Number of Ad credits
each click requires
1 5 10 16 1
Demographic Filter
Premium Filter
Gender Filter
Detailed Statistics
Thumbnail Visible
Description Visible


Price for purchasing Ad credits listed below.

Ad Credits Price Discount
500 $1.10
1000 $2.20
2000 $3.90 11%
5000 $8.80 20%
10,000 $14.80 33%
20,000 $28.80 35%
50,000 $70 36%
100,000 $134 39%
200,000 $264 40%
500,000 $659 40%
1,000,000 $1299 41%
Days Price Discount
1 $77
3 $227 2%
5 $369 4%
7 $509 6%
10 $709 8%
15 $1039 11%
30 $1969 15%
60 $3699 20%
90 $5199 25%
120 $6499 30%
250 $12,490 35%


Some info about advertising on ClixSense.

Regular Ad credits

  • Ads won’t reset like its the case on “bux” sites. If you assign 100,000 credits to an ad then that’s how many unique clicks it will receive. Its a big advantage to the bux model, and not many people realize that.
    But if you make a new credits assignment then this new assignment will be independent from the first, meaning the people that clicked on the first assignment will be able to click on the second again. So, clicks are unique per assignment, not necessarily per advert.
  • Ad credits cannot be used for banner advertising.
  • Ads will be listed on the “View ads” page for guests immediately after you assign ad credits and at least one click as been made and if it has at least 1000 ad credits assigned to it.
    However, its only listed for 24 hours after you submit the ad. After 24 hours, your ad will no longer be visible to guests even though it may have ad credits remaining.
  • Ads are geo-targeted to guests as well. So if you geo-target an ad, it will not be visible to guests from countries which you have not targeted.
    For instance, if you geo-target your ad to USA, your ad will not be visible on the “View Ads” page to guests from other countries apart from USA.
  • “Free hits” to your ad include when a member clicks on your ad more than once or from their history.
  • The difference between Normal and Fast delivery is that Normal delivery is capped at about 500 clicks per hour but they can vary depending on other variables. Fast delivery has no speed limit but of course it is still limited by the number of users ClixSense have available for your particular targeting options.

Sticky Ad credits

  • Sticky Ads have a fixed position at the top of the View Ads page regardless if already clicked or not. However only one click per 24-hour period, during which the advert is active, will credit. Already credited ads will be clearly marked as clicked.
  • Each Sticky Ad Credit gives the right to publish an advert for 24 hours of untargeted and unlimited clicks.
  • You can distribute your Sticky Ad Credits between all your ads in any way you like. For example, if you purchase 7 Sticky Ad Credits you can use them on 7 different ads.
  • Sticky Ads cannot be changed, paused or stopped once active. However, unspent credits may be cancelled before the next day-period starts.
  • Sticky Ads have a 5 second timer and pay the clicker $0.001 and the sponsor $0.0001 (10%) commission.

Wordlinx has an innovative feature where advertised links can be shared by clickers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter thus generating a massive exposure at no extra costs.

“We’ve combined paid-to-click with social media to create a new and unique way to advertise online. Instead of just viewing your advert, our members can also share your advert with friends. Those friends can then share your advert with their friends, again and again, generating massive exposure!

So, why settle for just paid-to-click visitors, when you can also promote your advert on popular social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, Digg and Twitter – all for the same price? Instead of generating a slight increase in traffic, our system will boost your campaign further each time you buy.”


Standard Ads Mini Ads Micro Ads
Verified Buyer Targeting
Geo-Location Targeting
Unlimited Social Visitors
Minimum Display Time 30 seconds 15 seconds 5 seconds
CPC/CPM (without fees) $0.01 / $10 $0.005 / $5 $0.001 / $1
Bold Link will cost 5% credits
Highlighted Link will cost 5% credits
$11.50 500 1000 5000
$18 1000 2000 10,000
$31 2000 4000 20,000
$70 5000 10,000 50,000
$135 10,000 20,000 100,000

You can also advertise a FIXED AD on Wordlinx.
WordLinx also offers fixed ads (with a 5 second timer similar to Micro ads) where you are not guaranteed any number of hits. Your link will remain on the site for the duration of your purchase.

Fixed Ads rates are as follows.

FIXED Advertisement (5 seconds exposure)
Exposure Time Price Price per day
1 day $19 $19
7 days $99 $14
14 days $149 $11
30 days $199 $7
60 days $299 $5

* “Price per day” is rounded to the nearest whole number.

Some info about advertising on WordLinx.

  • Ads reset at 00:00 GMT unless you choose “unique exposure” in which case the visitors delivered will be unique to that campaign, regardless of when the server resets.
  • “Unique exposure” feature is limited only to advertisers with a Pro account.
  • You cannot convert ad credits from one exposure type to another. So if you have say 100 Standard ad credits, you cannot convert them into 1000 Micro ad credits.
  • Ad credits cannot be used for banner advertising.
  • If you convert cash into ad credits you cannot convert it back.
  • You can use your account balance to purchase ad credits. In that case, the conversion ratio is:
    • Basic members – 5:4
    • Verified members – 10:9
    • Pro members – 1:1

    For example, $10 will give

    • Basic members – 800 Standard ad credits OR 1600 Mini ad credits OR 8000 Micro Ad credits.
    • Verified members – 900 Standard ad credits OR 1800 Mini ad credits OR 9000 Micro Ad credits.
    • Pro members – 1000 Standard ad credits OR 2000 Mini ad credits OR 10,000 Micro Ad credits.
  • WordLinx also offer discounts during the festive season so I would suggest you follow them on Twitter @Wordlinx to stay updated.



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  • #1 written by mabrell
    about 6 years ago

    PTC Scrutiny,What is your opinion about advertise on clixgrid clixsense?Have you try it before?I created a blog and i found that it is hard to find quality traffic.Which site give the best traffic quality and more affordable price?Can you give me some suggestions?I tried some aurora sites for advertising purpose and i found that it is not good enough although the advertising price is cheap.Lastly,where you advertise your site ?

    Thanks. 😀

    • #2 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Hello mabrell,
      I have personally NOT advertised on the Clixgrid. I thought about advertising there a couple of months back but then refrained. The main reason was that only a selected few (or should I say a few thousand) members click on the ClixGrid. On an average, you will get 400 unique views daily making it around 10,000 to 12,000 views monthly for $15. Its pretty cheap but the downside is that you will have nearly the same people viewing your ad daily. Most of them are not interested in the advertisements and only play the ClixGrid to win prizes. But, few people have had success.
      I would recommend to promote a site which has a PTP (Paid-to-promote) feature on ClixGrid so that you can earn from the PTP feature as well from new sign-ups.

      How to get quality traffic?
      For quality traffic, you need people who are genuinely interested in visiting your site rather than forced visitors who are paid-to-click. So if you advertise on PTCs (Bux, Aurora, Real PTC, etc…) and buy a 1000 click package, users are literally forced to click your ad (so that they earn some money) and most of them are not interested in your advertisement. Some clickers may be but the conversion rate is about 1-2% mostly.

      I'd say you advertise on Adhitz. They offer PPC (Pay-per-click) so you will only pay for genuine visitors who actually saw your text ad/banner and were interested in clicking them. These users are the ones who will actually browse the contents of your site.

      Its all about one's choice. Some people put a lot of emphasis on Alexa ranking and Google Page Rank. I personally don't put much thought into any of them. I prefer to have regular, interested visitors to my site (even if it means a handful visitors) than have 1000s of visitors who just click my ad to earn a fraction of a cent.

      Of late, I haven't advertised on PTCs. I have a couple of ads running on Adhitz.

      • #3 written by mabrell
        about 6 years ago

        Thanks for the information.How about SEO?Is it worth to subscribe the SEO on GoDaddy with $36++ per year?I need your opinion.:)

        • #4 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 6 years ago

          Can't tell you much about SEO since I am not an expert in it. Maybe, klickjobs can give you some insight about it.
          You can contact him on his site –

        • #5 written by Jitendra sharma
          about 2 years ago

          Godaddy SEO give you just basic seo settings for website not traffic. If you run PTC website or want PTC referrals then you need to advertise PTC websites or addhitz.

      • #6 written by Srihari Thalla
        about 4 years ago

        What your current view on ClixGrid advertising?

        • #7 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 4 years ago

          I have only advertised on ClixGrid once, that too just for getting traffic to my blog.
          Now with the newly introduced weekly package on ClixGrid, I might give it a try sometime but its not on the priority list. AdHitz still brings me good results.

          • #8 written by Srihari Thalla
            about 4 years ago

            Do you think my Payment Proofs page does the job? I made a few colourings on the page.

            • #9 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 4 years ago

              Seems good. Most people hardly read anything so just a simple page like yours may bring results.

  • #12 written by actualptc
    about 6 years ago

    Have you tried advertising in neobux?

    • #13 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Sorry for the late reply since I have been away for the past 2 weeks.

      I have never advertised Paid-to-click ads on NeoBux. However, I have purchased Banner ads there several times and personally speaking, if you can create a very attractive banner, you can expect great results.

  • #16 written by hussain
    about 3 years ago

    All information and research you gathered in this article is very useful and genuine. The content you shared is really informative and helpful. Thanks for sharing

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