– Not Recommended

Not recommended



Mostly $0.001 per click

Upto $0.005 per click


20% from clicks
10% from PTSU offers


No limit (1 Level)


$2.50 (fixed)



Within 21 days



China & Vietnam must upgrade

Update : Clicks4Cents has been down for over 3 weeks now and there is no sign of the owner – Specter. He used to be active on various sites and forums but he was last seen about 7-8 weeks back.
There were recent complaints that payments were being delayed but that could have been due to lack of Payza funding and PayPal removing the mass-payment feature from his account. It could also be he was short of funds to pay his members which is why he took down the site without informing anyone.
He had another forum – which now is a parked domain while all his other small blogs are also down.
For all the above reasons, we can no longer recommend this site anymore.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the site.


  • No Referral Limit – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site which is great for those who are good at promoting.
  • Permanent Fixed Cashout – The cashout mark is fixed at $2.50 and does not increase after each cashout. It might be hard threshold to reach right now but the site is planning to add Offer Walls and other income streams.
  • Forum – The site has a forum and you can find it here –
    Forums are excellent for interaction between members and the staff. Members can post suggestions, payments proof and report bugs. Also small complaints can be solved which reduces the workload of the staff of replying to Support tickets.
  • Bonuses – The Click Xchange area has a Reward System on it, allowing you to gain advertising credits, referrals and even memberships.
    Now when you click a certain amount of sites in the Click Xchange area you will get a reward awarded to that stage. The more you click the more you gain. There are rewards based in 2 types of activity:

    Daily : Number of sites clicked in the Click Xchange area in certain day
    Total : Total number of sites clicked from today.

    The different stages and rewards are:

    (1) Rewards given by number of sites clicked Daily.

    ● Click 15 Sites Win 50 X change Credits
    ● Click 25 Sites Win 100 Features Ad Credits
    ● Click 35 Sites Win 100 Banner Views
    ● Click 50 Sites Win 250 Banner Views
    ● Click 75 Sites Win 500 Featured Ad Credits
    ● Click 100 Sites Win 250 X Change Credits
    ● Click 150 Sites Win 350 Banner Views
    ● Click 200 Sites Win 500 X Change Credits
    ● Click 250 Sites Win 1500 Banner Views
    ● Click 300 Sites Win 2500 Feature Ad
    ● Click 350 Sites Win 2500 Banner Views
    ● Click 400 Sites Win 10 PTC Credits
    ● Click 450 Sites Win 5000 Banner Views
    ● Click 500 Sites Win 25 PTC Credits

    (2) Rewards given by Total number of sites clicked.
    ● 1 Referral (yours for Lifetime) per each 3000 sites clicked
    ● 1 Month “Premium” Membership per each 15000 sites clicked

    If you are a really active clicker you can get 1 FREE referral every Week (+/-) and a FREE membership every month.

    Official Announcement :

  • Special “Permanent” Bonus for advertisement purchases made through Payza –
    From May 25th, 2012 – Advertisement Purchases (Special packs not included) paid with Payza have a 10% gratification.
    If you buy 1000 PTC Credits you will receive 1100, if you purchase 10 PTSU you will receive 11, etc.


  • Self Sponsored Ads – Most of the daily guaranteed ads shown on the site are self-sponsored. Self-sponsored ads are not sustainable in the long run but this site has managed to keep up. So the self-sponsored ads may well be working in their favor.
  • Site Offline – Owner vanished without any explanation and neither paid all members their pending balances, which is why we no longer recommend this site.

  • More information about the site
  • Important
  • As from May 20, 2012 :
    ● Members that have purchased Membership and/or Referrals using Paypal can only cashout by Paypal.
    ● Members that have purchased Membership and/or Referrals using Payza can only cashout by Payza.
    ● Members that have purchased Membership and/or Referrals using both Paypal and Payza can cashout by both Paypal and Payza.

    Note : This is only for Memberships and/or Referrals, it does not include any form of Advertisement.

  • If your account has been inactive for more than 60 days, your earnings will be forfeited.
  • You can also complete Paid-to-sign up offers to boost your income.
  • Paid to Promote : Its only available for Upgrade members.
  • The site also has a Traffic Exchange. For each 5 pages you view, you will get earn 4 credits. You can use those credits to advertise your site or referral link.
  • There are regular promos, contests and offers to keep members and advertisers interested so do check their forum every now and then to catch those limited period bonuses.
    Some places where you can keep track of the site’s news and promotional offers are :,9.0.html

  • Script : Aurora-MRV4 by MadeRite

Conclusion : Until the site comes back and resumes normal operations, we no longer recommend this site. In fact, the site has been taken down so whether or not we recommend it makes no difference because as of now the site is offline.

Please leave your views in the Comment section below. If you find any mistakes in the review please do bring it my notice.