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1 Guaranteed $0.01 Ad daily (for Standards)

4 Guaranteed $0.01 Ads daily (for Premiums)


More ads across the day


Type of Advertisement Timer Pay Per Click
Extended Exposure 60 seconds $0.02
Standard Exposure 30 seconds $0.01
Mini Exposure 15 seconds $0.005
Micro Exposure 3 seconds $0.001
Sticky Ads 5 seconds $0.001


Tasks & Offers

Daily Checklist Bonus Bonus
Standard Premium
For details, click here Up to 7% Up to 16%
Type of Advertisement Referral Commission
Standard Premium
Extended Exposure $0.002 $0.004
Standard Exposure $0.002 $0.004
Mini Exposure $0.001 $0.002
Micro Exposure $0.0002 $0.0004
Sticky Ads $0.0001 $0.0001


Type Referral Commission
Standard Premium
TASKS 5% 10%
OFFERS 5% 10%
Referral Upgrade (Level 1) $2 $2
Referral Upgrade (Levels 2-8) $1
Sign-up commission $1.00 after referral earns $10.00 in earnings $2.00 after referral earns $5.00 in earnings
Sales Commissions
(Ad Credits &
ClixGrid Purchases)
10% up to $1
per purchase
(limited at $100
per referral)
10% up to $2
per purchase


For Signup commission, only earnings from PTC Clicks, Tasks and approved Offers are included.
Commissions, bonuses and prizes such as ClixGrid and the Daily Checklist Bonus are NOT included.

No limit

Method Minimum Cashout Fee
Premium Standard
(United States)
$6 $8 2% up to $1.00
(Rest of the World)
$6 $8 2% up to $20.00
Paytoo $6 $8 Free
Payza $6 $8 2.5% + $0.25
up to $4.00
NETELLER $6 $8 2% up to $30.00
(minimum $1.00)
(USA, Canada)
$10 $1.00
(First time is Free)

PayPal Payza Paytoo Check NETELLER


e-Wallets – Once a week on Wednesday

Checks – Monthly on or before the 10th

Read the policy for first cashout
by North American members [ here ]


Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Kazakhstan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Niger & Vietnam


ClixSense is a GPT site which was launched in February, 2007. It was originally owned by Steven Girsky (the owner of StormPay – a payment processor similar to Paypal which eventually shutdown). The site then changed ownership to Jim Grago in 2010.

You may like to read our exclusive interview with Jim Grago here.


Below are the Pros and Cons of the site.

  • An Established Site – The site has been online for over 8 years which is a great achievement for any PTC site.
  • Paying on time – The site is currently paying all its members on time. Even we were paid and you can see our payment proofs below.

    Other place where you can find payment proofs are listed below.

  • No Referral Limit – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site which is great for those who are good at promoting.
  • ClixGrid Game – ClixGrid was the brainchild of ClixSense. Since then, almost every other PTC site has copied this idea.
    ClixGrid is easy to play. Just click anywhere on the picture and win up to $10 that goes directly into your account balance! Each click will open up a sponsor’s site that you will have to view for up to 10 seconds. After this time has passed you will know if you are a winner or not. No cheat codes possible here.
    Prizes range from $0.10 to $10 and odds of winning are about 1 in 400.
    See the screen-shot below to check out how the page would look like if you win.

  • Permanent Fixed Cashout – The cashout mark is fixed at $8 for Standard members and does not increase after each cashout.
    This mark is a little difficult to reach if you are solely clicking ads by yourself and do not have referrals. But if you complete Tasks and Offers, the cashout limit is much easier to reach.

  • Forum – Their forum can found here –

    Forums are excellent for interaction between members and the staff. Members can post suggestions, payments proof and report bugs. Also small complaints can be solved which reduces the workload of the staff of replying to Support tickets. You must complete the following 3 requirements before you can use the forum.
    ● Click at least 25 PTC Adverts
    ● Click at least 25 times on ClixGrid
    ● Been a member for at least 3 days.
    Everybody is shown this message when then try to post something if they haven’t met these requirements yet.




  • Privacy – When signing-up, you are asked to list your details like Full Name and Address. It is fine if they are sending payments by check so that it reaches the correct person but since they also pay through e-wallets, they could do away with it for users who do not wish to give their details.

  • More information about the site
  • Important
  • Changelog
    [Since January, 2013]
  • Our exclusive interview with Jim Grago (the admin of ClixSense) –
  • All accounts are closed after 90 days of inactivity. You may reopen it after those 90 days but all your earnings will be lost.
  • ClixAddonClixAddon extension

    ClixAddon is a non intrusive notification extension from ClixSense to keep track of your account status at the click of a button and get instantly notified of new PTC Ads, Surveys and Tasks as they become available. The number of ads, surveys and balances displayed on the ClixAddon is updated every 20 seconds while the number of available Tasks are updated every 4 minutes.

    The ClixAddon has a series of options that can quickly be accessed by clicking on the Options button. These options give you a lot of flexibility on what you would like to be notified about (PTC Ads, Surveys and Tasks), be it simply by showing a number on the ClixAddon button, by popup notifications that appear on the taskbar or by the sound alerts that are you familiar with from the ClixSense Toolbar.
    ClixAddon extension

    Everything that you see on the ClixAddon is pretty much self-explanatory, in case of doubt just move your mouse over the respective area and a tooltip will appear explaining what you are seeing.

    ClixAddon is only available for Chrome (v30+), Firefox(v29+) and Opera(v15+).
    Internet Explorer will however not be supported but you have the choice to continue using the ClixSense Toolbar.

    ● Forum Announcement : Introducing ClixAddon
    ● Download Link :

  • ClixSense also has a toolbar with instant ad notifications and current balance. However, I would recommend your use the ClixAddon which is non intrusive, has much more functions, better notifications, alerts and options.
    You can download the toolbar from the following places.
    ● Windows triple broswer installer :
    ● Windows single browser install, Mac & Linux :

    ClixSense Toolbar

  • A fee is charged for all cashouts. See the table below for more details.
    Method Minimum Cashout Fee When
    Premium Standard
    (United States)
    $6 $8 2% up to $1.00 On Wednesdays
    (Rest of the World)
    $6 $8 2% up to $20.00 On Wednesdays
    $6 $8 Free On Wednesdays
    $6 $8 2.5% + $0.25 up to $4.00 On Wednesdays
    $6 $8 2% up to $30.00 (minimum $1.00) On Wednesdays
    (United States, Canada, Mexico)
    $10 $1.00
    (First time
    is Free)
    Monthly on or before the 10th

    ● PayPal will not charge you more fees for receiving the payments. ClixSense pay their fees.
    ● Your bank may charge you fees to deposit the Checks. Please consult with your bank.
    ● Payments are sent on Wednesdays on or before 5:00PM EST (New York time)
    ● Payza is currently enabled only selected countries. Check your Profile & Settings page and if you have the option to cashout through Payza, it means it is enabled for you.
    ● Electronic cashouts (PayPal, Paytoo, Payza, NETELLER) are now processed once a week, on Wednesday afternoon, and completed before 5pm EST. The cutoff time for cashouts to be submitted is 11am EST on Wednesday morning. If you submit it after 11am EST then most likely this cashout will not be processed.

    ClixSense offers another way of making money by completing TASKS.

    ● Many tasks are demographically targeted.
    ● Many tasks can be completed multiple/unlimited times.
    ● Standard members will earn 5% and Premium members will earn 10% commissions from their direct referrals completed tasks.
    You may like to read the Official Announcement regarding this here.

    Bonuses : A $5 Bonus is instantly credited to your account’s balance each time you complete $50 in tasks.
    That means each time you earn $50 working in the tasks you get a $5 bonus. When you reach $100 you will be earning a total of $10 in bonuses, reach $150 and you will be earning $15, and so on.

    Weekly Contest : You can read the details about the Weekly Tasks contest here.

    OFFERS provide members with another stream of income. With this introduction, its transforms ClixSense from a Paid-to-Click (PTC) site to a Get-Paid-to (GPT) site.
    Use caution with offers and its better to avoid the ones which ask you to download something because there have been reports of viruses and malware associated with toolbars and softwares you need to download.
    Also I would suggest you create a dedicated spam email for completing offers. Many offers will ask you for your email address so don’t give them your personal or official email address. It could be that you start receiving spam in future.

    ● Some Offers credit instantly while some take time (could be upto 4 weeks) depending on the offer.
    ● Also in some cases, some Offers might not credit and there are various reasons why. You might want to read the Official Announcement where a detailed explanation is given.
    ● As always, use caution and my personal suggestion would be to avoid offers which ask for cell phone information.
    ● Standard members will earn 5% and Premium members will earn 10% commissions from their direct referrals completed offers.

    OFFERWALLS ClixSense Offerwalls

    Few Guidelines for the Offerwalls.
    1. Repeat Offers : You are not supposed to be doing the same offers you already did on ClixSense or from other offerwalls and vice versa except the daily surveys. If you attempt to do them again then most likely you won’t get paid.

    2. Support/Help : Whenever you have an issue with the Offerwall you need to contact them directly by clicking on the ‘Support’ link found on the top/bottom corner of the Offerwall. From there you will be able to see your offers’ statuses and report any problems to them directly

    3. Rewards : The rewards are listed as ClixCents although you will be paid cash into your account balance. Most offers pay instantly but those of the higher dollar amount will pay in up to 60 days after completion only. Each ClixCent equals $0.01, for example “50 ClixCents” equals $0.50


    Color code explanation on Surveys button on toolbar and the Offers button on the site.

    A mouse-over (may not always work) tells you what those numbers mean but this is the explanation:

    ClixSense Surveys button color codes

    The pinkish background is for targeted Opinion World (SSI) Surveys only. The greenish background is for Toluna Surveys.
    The orangish background represents the number of targeted surveys available to you. These include mostly but may include others in the future.

  • Daily Checklist Bonus
    The Daily Checklist not only helps you keep track of your daily ClixSense activity it also rewards you for being an active ClixSense member.

    ClixSense Daily Checklist Bonus

    For each day that you complete your Daily Checklist a bonus will be added to your account balance at the end of that day. Premium members will earn a bonus of up to 16% of their personal earnings, while Standard members will earn a bonus of up to 7%. The bonus amount you can earn is unlimited; it only depends on your activity.

    This bonus will be calculated from your total personal earnings that include your PTC Ads clicks, ClixGrid prizes, completed CrowdFlower Tasks and completed Offers. Other bonuses and referral commissions are not included.

    In order to complete the Daily Checklist you need to fulfill 4 requirements :

    1. Click at least 6 PTC Adverts of any kind;

    2. Click at least 20 ClixGrid squares. The more you click the more chances you have to win ClixGrid prizes which will then be counted towards the bonus as well (for example as a Premium member, if you win the $10.00 prize you could earn an extra of up to $1.60 with the Daily Checklist bonus at the end of the day);

    3. Because not everyone has offers or tasks available to do, and to give everyone a chance, you are required to complete only one of the following:
    (a) Complete at least 10 CrowdFlower Tasks; *
    (b) Complete at least 2 offers from the offers page (except video offers); *
    (c) Complete at least 5 CrowdFlower Tasks and at least 1 offer from the offers page (except video offers); *

    4. Visit at least one page of the forum. Posting is not required.

    Account Type:   Standard     Premium  
    Daily Checklist Bonus 5.0% 12.0%
    ClixAddon Extra Bonus ¹ 1.0% 2.0%
    Activity Extra Bonus ² 1.0% 2.0%
    Maximum Possible Bonus 7.0% 16.0%

    ¹ ClixAddon Extra Bonus: Complete the checklist and run the ClixAddon for at least one hour in a given day to earn this extra bonus.

    Survey notifications must be enabled under options.

    ² Activity Extra Bonus: By completing the checklist three days in a row you will earn this extra bonus on the third day, for that day’s earnings, and every other day thereafter given that you complete the checklist continuously. If you fail to complete the checklist in a given day the bonus will reset. Take the following table as an example:

    Day # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    Was the checklist completed?  
    Activity bonus awarded?

    * Regarding the Tasks and Offers, if for some reason you do not get credit for completing them on a given day, or if payment is delayed into a following day, the checklist of that day will not take them into consideration; payments are not retroactive, they will instead count only towards the day when they are actually received.

    There will be slow days, with not enough Tasks or Offers. You may or may not be able to complete your checklist on such days so don’t take the Daily Checklist as granted and rant about it if you don’t complete it often.

    Make sure you read the FAQ – “How does the Cat CAPTCHA work?” before clicking the ads.
    You can read the instructions and details here.
  • You earn affiliate commissions if your referral upgrades his/her account or purchases ads. The commissions are considerably higher for Premium members. Premium members get a lot of benefits and the upgrade price is pretty cheap. Whether its worth upgrading or not is for you to decide depending on your activity and your ability to build a downline.
    You may like to see the details here –
  • October 16, 2015 :
    ● NETELLER introduced for purchases and cashouts. NETELLER cashout fees are 2% up to $30.00 (minimum $1.00)
    ● Electronic cashouts (PayPal, Paytoo, Payza, NETELLER) are now processed once a week, on Wednesday afternoon, and completed before 5pm EST. The cutoff time for cashouts to be submitted is 11am EST on Wednesday morning. If you submit it after 11am EST then most likely this cashout will not be processed.
  • August 1, 2015 : Cashouts will no longer be processed on Mondays and Fridays. Instead they will be processed only once a week on Wednesdays (afternoon before 5PM EST). This change does not affect those members who elect to receive their cashouts by check. This will remain one time a month and processed on or before the 10th.
  • November 26, 2014 : Adscend Adscend OFFERWALL added.
  • November 5, 2014 :
    ● Payments through International checks have been removed.
    ● Payza cashouts are currently enabled only for Pakistan, Ukraine, Sri Lanka, Tunisia & Egypt. This is due to Payza inability to accept transfers from U.S. banks.
    ● List of restricted countries updated.
  • October 19, 2014 : OfferToro OfferToro OFFERWALL added.
  • October 5, 2014 : OFFERWALL added.
  • September 10, 2014 : Now get an instant commission for every active referral you bring to ClixSense. For every referral who activates their account and completes their profile, you will earn a special signup commission in addition to the standard signup commission: Premium members will earn $0.10 for every new active referral while Free members will earn $0.05 for each new active referral.
    This is a limited time promotion only and is set to expire on October 9, 2014 at 12:00pm EST. Depending on the success of this promotion ClixSense may or may not extend it indeterminately. Be sure to read the rules and don’t abuse this promo by using PTSU to gain referrals. If you do so you could loose your ClixSense account. Be sure to read the Promo Conditions. [Forum Announcement]

    Along with this ClixSense have also introduced the Affiliate Link Shortener.

  • June 28, 2014 : The Daily Checklist Bonus is now even more rewarding with bonuses up to 16%.
    ● Forum Announcement : Daily Checklist Extra Bonus: ClixAddon + Activity
  • May 7, 2014 : ClixSense introduce ClixAddon, a non intrusive notification extension from ClixSense to keep track of your account status at the click of a button and get instantly notified of new PTC Ads, Surveys and Tasks as they become available.
  • February 22, 2014 : Downline click commissions on Sticky Ads enabled. All members, regardless of their status (Free or Premium) will earn a $0.0001 commission (10%) from their referral clicks on Sticky Ads

    The price for Sticky ads is also adjusted accordingly but the increase will not take effect until Monday, February 24th although members will start earning click commissions from today onwards.
    The new Sticky Ad prices have been updated on our Advertisers Corner page.

  • February 13, 2013 : Sticky Ads introduced.
    Sticky Ads have a fixed position at the top of the View Ads page regardless if already clicked or not. However only one click per 24-hour period, during which the advert is active, will credit. Already credited ads will be clearly marked as clicked. Sticky Ads have a 5 second timer and pay $0.001 per click. They do not pay referral click commissions, thus help keep the price low.
    For more information regarding advertising a Sticky Ad, please visit our dedicated Advertisers Corner page here.

    Furthermore, in an effort to become even more competitive with their PTC advertising, ClixSense have made the following changes:

    ● Price reduction of up to 10% on all Regular Ad Credits Packs.
    ● Extended Ad clicks now pay the same referral commission as Standard Ads.
    ● Extended Ad clicks now require 16 Regular Ad Credits instead of 20 (a 20% reduction).

  • January 10, 2014 : Paytoo has been introduced as an alternative for Payza. It is available for advertising purchases and premium upgrades. Cashouts for Paytoo will begin on Friday, January 17, 2014.
    For more details, you can read the announcement on their forum.
  • December 5, 2013 : Payza removed.
    Payza has stopped services within the USA so it directly affected ClixSense as they are based in USA.
    Here is the announcement on Payza’s blog regarding this.
  • November 5, 2013 : RadiumOne RadiumOne OFFERWALL added.
  • October 30, 2013 : TrialPay TrialPay OFFERWALL added.
  • October 1, 2013 : Changes to Signup & Sales Commissions.

    Signup Commissions :

    Standard members will now earn $0.50 for each affiliate that has earned a total* of at least $10.00 from his activity.
    Premium members will now earn $1.00 for each affiliate that has earned a total* of at least $5.00 from his activity.

    * This includes earnings from approved Offers, Tasks and PTC Clicks only. This does not include commissions, bonuses and prizes such as ClixGrid and the Daily Checklist Bonus.

    This is retroactive for all active members, meaning you will be credited with signup commissions for all of your active referrals who have met the above criteria.

    Sales Commissions :
    There is no longer the $100 limit on sales commissions per referral for Premium members. For Standard members, the commission limit is upped from $50 to $100.

    ● You will now no longer get 1000 free ad credits given when you upgrade your account to Premium.

  • September 17, 2013 : Change in policy for first cashout by North American members.

    The following has been added to the User Agreement :

    Account Verification –
    Members who reside in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) are required to have their postal address verified prior to be eligible for electronic cashouts (Paypal). Address verification is accomplished by sending your first cashout by check to the address on your ClixSense account profile. The check will be delivered by USPS (United States Postal Service) First Class Mail. Failure to verify your address can result in account closure and forfeiture of any account balance. ClixSense reserves the right to request address or personal verification for any and all accounts without stating a reason. If such a request is made of a member and subsequently refused or ignored, ClixSense reserves the right to withhold funds and or close the account.

    There have been many cheaters opening US accounts with fake information, because of this ClixSense were forced to initiate this process. This is done by forcing the first cashout to be by check. The checks will contain a PIN code that will have to be entered on the account. This process essentially gets the member’s mailing address verified which proves that the member is using real information.

    At the moment only new accounts, or closed accounts that are reopened, from USA, Canada and Mexico have to go through this process. However, ClixSense can also request this from any old account if they deem it too suspicious.

    To make things a little easier ClixSense have dropped the check fees from $1.50/$2.00 (North America/Rest of the world) to $1.00. And the first check cashout for North America is now completely free.

  • June 8, 2013 : A few changes on ClixGrid.
    ● Free members can now play 30 times per day and Premium members 60 times per day. The top prize has also been increased from $5.00 to $10.00.

    ● New options for advertisers include multiple campaigns that range from 7 to 180 days. Multiple link submission, scheduling and bulk discounting is now available. More details here.

    ● With the increase in chances to play, you now need to click at least 20 ClixGrid squares to complete the Daily Checklist requirement.

  • May 29, 2013 : Liberty Reserve removed.
  • April 5, 2013 : SuperRewards OfferWall SuperRewards OFFERWALL added.
  • February 1, 2013 : SupersonicAds OfferWall SupersonicAds OFFERWALL added.
  • January 28, 2013 : TokenAds OfferWall TokenAds OFFERWALL added.
  • January 22, 2013 : Matomy OfferWall Matomy OFFERWALL added.

Conclusion : Overall, we feel the site to be a safe one and extremely lucrative for those who are active and work hard or have a huge downline.

Please leave your views in the Comment section below. If you find any mistakes in the review please do bring it my notice.