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  • #1 written by PTC Investigations
    about 6 years ago


    I thought I would let you know that finally I can sell PPC banner ads on adhitz. I know you were one of those wanting to reserve an ad for that spot. Right now I have it set at "1" so no one can buy a spot till I get your answer. Let me know if you want it so I can raise the ad spot limit to 2 so the purchase button will appear for you.

    I am going to limit 2 people in these spots, since last time we over sold those spots and it took a long time for those ads to be used up. AdHitz kinds of frowns on us selling it a 1 cent per click, but I will try to limit how many spots we sell this time around.

    So it is going to be first come first served basis, but I thought I would give you a heads up on it before I open those spots up again. Let me know at your earliest convenience. 🙂

    • #2 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Ok. I'm finished with designing the banners. You may like to check it out here –
      I'm no Photoshop pro so just managed to do whatever best I could.

      So now I'm ready to advertise on your site. Just let me know whether you will be accepting the large PPC order I mentioned in my previous comment or not?

      • #3 written by PTC Investigations
        about 6 years ago

        Nice banners. Well done. I am online now. I am not sure if you are or not. I know we are on opposite ends of the globe so I want to make sure you are first to get a ppc spot. Let me know when you will be online and I will try to make myself available and open the adhitz ad spot for you. I can do this from work too so the time should not be any problem.

        The big order is not a problem. So feel free to adjust your order however you would like. Just let me know the time you want to do this.

  • #4 written by PTC Scrutiny
    about 6 years ago

    Thats so kind of you to let me know about the availability of PPC spots on your site. I am interested in advertising a 468×60 Banner as well as the 120×600 Skyscraper.

    I want to make a big order ($13 in total) – $10 (1000 clicks) for the 120×600 Skyscraper and $3 (300 clicks) for the 468×60 Banner.

    So let me know if you will allow such a large order. If not, then let me know the limits.

    Also please give me a day to design the banners. I have designed the 468×60 one but the Skyscraper 120×600 is still left. Hopefully, by tonight I will finish making the skyscraper banner.

    *Also I want to make the purchase in one transaction since i want to pay via Alertpay and Adhitz only allows transactions above $12 to be made via Alertpay.

  • #5 written by klickjobs
    about 6 years ago

    Hey there 🙂
    (i saw that you're busy. So take all the time you need to answer, no hurry)

    I have a wish/suggestion:
    Can you add "drop-down" menues for the "Trusted Sites", "New Sites" and "Paid" sections like you have in the "Help" menu?
    Would be great and a bit more comfortable for us.

    Also i do not really understand why your links to the subpages open always in a new window.
    When i surf your website i have after a while 10 tabs open because of this.
    A "href="_self" (in the sme window) would be also more comfortable …in my views 😉

    greets and have a great week!

    • #6 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Hi KJ,
      Thanx for understanding.

      Regarding the drop-down menus, when I click them they open in the same tab. I am using Firefox 4 so I don't understand how its opening in a new tab for you. o.0

      And can you explain a little about what do you want in the drop-down menu for "Trusted" , "New Sites" and "Paid" section ?

      • #7 written by klickjobs
        about 6 years ago

        i meant (for example) the link to matrixmails in the PAID section.
        I checked your source-code and it is like this

        <..a href="; target="_blank">MatrixMails<../a>

        (not sure if the html code is now shown here)
        There you hava target=_blank
        Would be great if it is target=_self
        otherise these links open always in a new tab.

        Would be nice to have the Trusted sites in the drop down menu in trusted and
        the new sites as a drop down in the New sites menu and so on 🙂


        • #8 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 6 years ago

          Ok. Now I understand what you mean.
          I purposely put the code to open the link in a new tab. But, since you feel uncomfortable with it, I'll change it. Will do it in the evening.

        • #10 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 6 years ago

          Forgot to reply to the 2nd part of your comment. You have requested for sites into the drop down menu of the Trusted List, New sites, etc.

          I can do it but it will result in duplicate items. Let me explain.
          The reviews are "POSTS" and the Top Navigation Items like "Trusted Sites", "New Sites", "Scam List", etc. are "PAGES".
          So to create drop down menus for all sites, I will have to duplicate the posts and create separate pages for every site review. Imagine doing it for 15-20 sites, then the list will be very long. But, I can create a sub-hierarchy like Aurora, Real PTC, GPT, and list the respective sites under that tree.
          Not to forget that I'll have to update both the posts & the pages if the site changes its terms.

          It'll be a tedious thing to do so no point implementing this. I know after reading this you will understand.

          • #11 written by klickjobs
            about 6 years ago

            ok, i understand. Keep it as it is.

            Would be great if wordpress could implement a function to switch "POSTS" to "PAGES".
            But i think it is like this because it is a blog and not a usual website.
            Same like on PTCI. Sometimes also uncomfortable to surf on his site because some links open in the same window and some not. And when i want a link opened in a new tab on his site i cannot do this because of his annyoing "right click-prevetion feature".
            Well, i have MultiLinks addon in my firefox. So his "right click-prevention" is mostly sensless :p

            Thanks for the explanation! 🙂

            • #12 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 6 years ago

              Regarding the right click on PTCI's site – On Firefox 4 if you make 2 right clicks and select the box which says "Prevent this page from creating additional dialogs" after making the 2nd right click, the right-click prevention feature is disabled.

  • #13 written by klickjobs
    about 6 years ago

    Sorry for disturbing you again 😉

    The component in the left coolumn (latest comments) is really great and looks nice but the direct links won't jump to the comment. It will only re-direct to the page but not to the comment on which i clicked on
    … although the link is (for example) http://www . ptcscrutiny . com/contact/#comment-345

    Is it possible to fix/change this?
    Maybe it is a common IntenseDebate problem because this thing happens also on PTCI


    • #14 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      You meant the right column right ? Since the left column has the main site content. 😉

      The right column is coded within the theme and its not a plugin which I have added.
      Maybe you don't know but WordPress and IntenseDebate are from the same parent company so all comments are synced automatically (which makes life easier for me) 🙂

      Regarding the links to the comments, its not possible for me to change them.
      You must have noticed that the IntenseDebate comment section does not load if your internet connection is slow or if you experience latency. In that case, the default WordPress comment section will load. The right column comments link actually point to the comments for the WordPress component and not the IntenseDebate component. But like I said, the comments are automatically synchronized so if somebody has commented through the WordPress commenting tool, IntenseDebate will fetch it automatically and vice-versa.

      I can add a recent comments widget from IntenseDebate (like PTCI has) which has the original Intensedebate links but that widget slows down the loading time of the site.

      • #15 written by klickjobs
        about 6 years ago

        Right …left …center …where am i? :$ *lol*
        Yes, i meant the right column

        Ok, that's bad. Then keep it like it is because this IntenseDebate widget is really slow (although i have a fast Win7 computer with 25MBit connetion here).

        Thanks for the detailed reply.

  • #16 written by dozatora
    about 6 years ago

    Hello mate. I want to make a blog which will be only in bulgarian language and I wont be your competitor if you think so.Im wondering which CMS to use. You use wordpress..
    Is it easy to SEO optimize the wordpress blog and do you use a plugin? And do you use a plugin for the custom google search? Thanks in advance m8.

    • #17 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Yes, I am using WordPress CMS to manage my site. Its pretty simple to use. If you want to try it out, I'd suggest you open a free blog on and see how the back-end looks like and how things function. You'll understand it within a day or two since its very simple.

      Its pretty easy to optimize the site for SEO with WordPress and you can find many plugins for that. Better not use too many SEO plugins since one will interfere with the other. I am currently using 2 simple plugins for SEO – PJW Page Excerpt and WordPress Meta Description. There are lots of SEO plugins and I tried a few but most of them confused me and sometimes gave some errors. You'll have to see which works best by trial-and-error method.

      For the Google Custom Search Engine, I am using the HTML code I generated from the Google CSE site –

      Good luck with your blog and let me know if you need any further help.

  • #18 written by feluda
    about 6 years ago

    Hello PTC-S,
    It's seems the PTCI's site is down. 🙁 It's giving a Message ID: A710GSDF saying the site temporarily unavailable.
    Is it happening in your there, too ?

  • #22 written by Knowledge
    about 5 years ago

    Blog Admin, Please give me those website names which are not spam. I use various of website but they all are spam.
    Waiting for your reply.

    • #23 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      None of the site listed on this blog are spam or scam. All are legit and paying so just have a look around the Trusted and New Sites List.

  • #24 written by ptcverified
    about 5 years ago

    Hi PTC Scrutiny,
    How are you? Hope you still remember me. Glad that you have a great site now and rockin!
    Hope you can add me to your partner list.
    Here's my banner…

    Thanks a lot!

    • #25 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      Sure I remember you. Where have you been all these months?
      Anyways, its nice to have you back. 🙂

      And I've added you to the Partners List.
      Please change my site's link on your site from the domain to the .com domain.

  • #26 written by feluda
    about 5 years ago

    Happy 66th Independence Day!

    Hope everything’s well on your part. 🙂

    • #27 written by feluda
      about 5 years ago

      Btw: you can correct the codes of the flag.gif as the img code isn't showing :/

      • #28 written by PTC Scrutiny
        about 5 years ago

        Happy Independence Day to you too 🙂

        <img src=""&gt;

        btw, Feluda where have you been? I have been really missing you. Hopefully you'll be more active as you were in the past.
        All the best!

        *I fixed the image in your previous comment.

        • #29 written by feluda
          about 5 years ago

          Hello PTC scrutiny,
          Thanks so much for reply & fixing the image. 🙂

          Well, these days have been very tight on schedule and the office hours consuming everything.
          So, unlike in the past I am not online most of the time.
          Missing you also so much and other friends.

          The PTC's earlier blog was a nice place to hang out, we were there just like friends together.
          Now after the forum, that seemed to be scattered.

          Though I must say, the new design of the forum is more clean and crisp and looking very nice.
          Wish PTC_I all the best in her new initiative.
          I was active for some time in the forum, (in alter-ego) then I became too busy with the official works. Nowadays, it's tough to find a breather. Today is a good day off. 😀

          Anyway, hope you are doing well.
          It's nice that you are still here, hanging out in this ptc industry successfully and your mere presence can boost those who know you – to continue.
          It's very rare to find here anyone with profound knowledge but still always unconditionally helpful.
          You've been the exception.
          Of course PTC-Investivagations, NeobuxFan, KJ are also there.

          Anyway, wish you all the best.

          Until we meet again. (May be during the Pujas I would have some respite).

          Best Regards.

          Dated: 15th August, 2012.

          • #30 written by PTC Scrutiny
            about 5 years ago

            Yes, I too find PTCI's forum uncomfortable. The old InteseDebate comment section was pretty fun and casual too.

            I wish you all the best in your work and hopefully you'll have time for a breather. And you are always welcome to drop by and leave your comments.
            Waiting till the Pujas then 😉

  • #31 written by feluda
    about 5 years ago

    Hello PTCS ! 🙂

    Hope you're doing well.
    Wish you and your family a happy Dusshera.

    God bless and take care.


    • #32 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      Hi feluda,
      A very happy Dusshera to you and your family too.
      You always come here during some festival. Perhaps thats when you are free from work 😉
      But in case you do find some spare time every now and then, do drop by 🙂


      • #33 written by feluda
        about 5 years ago

        Hello PTCS,
        Thanks so much for the wish.
        Hope the Puja have gone well for you and your family.

        Well, You're right, since I've been to my present job, I hardly get any respite except the holidays
        or festivals. This time of the year I have some time off the work, though.
        Next holiday season will be during the Christmas.

        But I remember you , my friend, remember the talks we used to have and enjoyed the
        conversations of others – mainly the people I was acquainted with somewhat.

        You know something, I really miss the good old days.
        But time passes on, and everything changes. And the people, too.

        Anyway, I have always felt that warmth and cordial tone in you that's why I try to return here. 🙂

        Take care and best wishes.

        Keep well.

  • #34 written by feluda
    about 5 years ago

    Hello PTC-S!
    Wish you & your family a Happy and Safe Diwali. 🙂



    • #35 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      Hi feluda,
      I have been expecting you 🙂

      Thanks for the Diwali wishes. I'd like to wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali too.
      Take care and stay safe!


  • #36 written by klickjobs
    about 5 years ago

    Cool christmas theme!! xD
    Great work admin! 🙂 Looks very nice here!

    • #37 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      Now you are embarrassing me 😉
      Thanks for the help with header. Without you the Santa with his reindeers would not be possible xD

      • #38 written by klickjobs
        about 5 years ago

        Hehe* You're welcome.

        btw: Forgot to mention in my explanation email.
        You can hit "Del" several times and it will remove the selected elements again with every hit.
        Try it out. The more often you hit "Del" the "harder/sharper" the edge will be.

        Play with this "Retengular Marquee Tool" around. One of my most used tools here 😉

        • #39 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 5 years ago

          Ok, thanks again.
          Yes, I do see that you use this particular tool the most in all your images on Soc 😉

          • #40 written by klickjobs
            about 5 years ago

            Yap, its by far teh fastest and easiest solution to crop parts of the image and to soften their edges or to seperate them from the background and to bring them to the foreground.

            However, there are many more features and functions to reach this.

            Great site here:

            • #41 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 5 years ago

              Thanks for that link.
              In return here is a site which might interest you 😉 – PSD Graphics –
              Its got a variety of PSD templates and most of the images on my blog are from there.

  • #42 written by feluda
    about 5 years ago

    Hello there PTC-S !,
    How are you doing?
    Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. 😀
    Like this new layout. Quite nice. 🙂

    • #43 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      Hi feluda,
      Its always nice to have you here. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too.

      Yes, I too love this new Santa theme. Decided to change the look of the site a little by having a static homepage with some slideshows. Glad that you too find it nice.

      By the way, NeoBuxFan has been missing you a lot. If you have some spare time, you can leave a post here –

      • #44 written by feluda
        about 5 years ago

        Hello PTCS,
        Thanks for the reply and the wishes there.
        I thought wish you A Happy New Year in the 31st, but since you have wished me now, wishing the same to you.
        May you and your family find the coming year happy and prosperous in every way.

        Regarding Neobux, can you please convey my message to her that I am honored and obliged that she thought of me, and I still have all the conversations with her I had – in my memory.
        Or perhaps you can request her to post here in your blog at her convenience.

        As for me posting in the PTC-Investigation's – I will have to go through all the registration process and for one or two posts I don't think it'll be justified as I know fairly well I won't be able to follow up there due to time-constraints.

        I liked the old PTCI's blog & was lucky enough to had some free times to post there, now that blog is history and so are my leisurely days.

        So, it's best for me to occasionally come in here and post as a guest, with out any signing-in.
        Also, I think you blog was the place where I had the substantive communication with NeobuxFan.

        Anyway, I hope you'll understand and I apologize if I have caused you any inconvenience for it.

        Keep Well.

        • #45 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 5 years ago

          Just in case you didn't know, you can post as a "guest" on PTCI's forum also. In fact, NeobuxFan also hasn't registered on PTCI's forum and posts there once in a while as a guest.
          Don't worry, I'll let her know and hopefully if she has some spare time, she will post here.

          Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!

          • #46 written by feluda
            about 5 years ago

            Hello again,
            Thanks for the info, I wasn't aware of the privilege of posting as "guest" on PTCI's forum.
            But anyway, it's easier for me to post here. 😀

            Thanks so much for the assurance of informing her, I am really grateful.
            Stay safe, you too and take care.

            • #47 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 5 years ago

              You are always welcome feluda.
              I sent NeoBuxFan an email in the morning today. Haven't received a reply perhaps due to the holidays.
              See you soon.

            • #48 written by NeobuxFan
              about 5 years ago

              Hi feluda.

              I just wanted to know if you were doing okay. Because you didn't post on PTC Investigations, it seemed like you dropped off the face of the earth. But PTC Scrutiny told me that you contact him during national holidays, so it's really good to hear from you! 🙂

              I am not so active on PTC Investigations either, and I basically only use Neobux.

              I haven't forgotten either (our conversations)! 😉

              Anyway, I hope everything is going well for you both professionally and personally. But no matter what, we can only live our lives in the best way that we can. Hope you have a great new year!

              • #49 written by feluda
                about 5 years ago

                Hello NeobuxFan,

                It's so nice to hear from you after a long time. 🙂
                I feel really grateful & honored that you remembered me and also our conversations.
                Let me say, I have them intact in my memory.

                Yes, PTC-S is right, I only manage to wish him during the public holidays when I get some respite from the office.
                And that's one of the reasons I'm not that active online like the earlier days.
                I've heard from PTC-S that you occasionally post in the PTC-I's forum which is good, since you have some good friends over there and it's always nice to get to see the good old friends.

                Just as I am glad to see you here. 🙂
                I am most obliged to PTC-S, it's him who told me about you (in the first post up there) and made the arrangements to bring you here.

                I am just ok. Thanks very much for asking.
                I hope you are also doing fine in your life in every way.
                It's so true that you said about the lives we can live.
                Can't agree with you more there.

                Thanks for the wish, too.
                Hope you've had a merry Christmas; wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year. 🙂
                May you find all the happiness & peace in the coming year.

                Since, now you know where to find me, I hope you'll drop by from time to time at your convenience, only if you feel like.

                I can say, my day is made after writing to you here.

                Keep well & Take care, always.


                • #50 written by NeobuxFan
                  about 5 years ago

                  Thank you for your heartfelt wishes! 🙂

                  I am fine. I have become much busier these days, just like you! Sometimes when I go online after a long day's work, I fall asleep in front of the computer and find myself waking up in the early hours of the morning with the computer still on!

                  Anyway, till next time!

                  • #51 written by feluda
                    about 5 years ago

                    You're most welcome NeobuxFan!

                    Good to know you're busy nowadays.
                    Wish success be your all-time companion in the works you do:)
                    And I can really relate to what you've mentioned about falling asleep in
                    front of the computer, so many times it has happened when I login to my system after returning from office, that my eyes are drooping and I literally fall at the keyboard. :$
                    But somehow I managed every time to turn off the machine & drag myself to my room, where I end up sleeping like a top, lol. :p

                    Take care. 🙂
                    So long.

                • #52 written by PTC Scrutiny
                  about 5 years ago

                  Sorry for jumping in between.
                  feluda, I would suggest you use your IntenseDebate account to post comments as you would then have the option of getting email alerts for replies to your comments. And you could also reply to comments directly through email and won't have to visit this page. Just a thought to make it more easier for you 🙂

                  Also since both of your ID accounts are white-listed here, your comments will never be flagged, no matter what. Sometimes comments get flagged for no apparent reason and I rarely check the Spam folder.


                  • #53 written by feluda
                    about 5 years ago

                    Hello PTC-S,

                    You're quite right about posting through Intense Debate a/c, but unfortunately I have unsubscribed from ID quite some months ago, since they are not much use to me now; so I'll have to register at there again if I am to post my comments via it.

                    But, don't worry, I'm not to eat up the spaces & your blog's bandwidth 😛 by posting
                    long-winded comments regularly, I'll just pop-up occasionally when time will permit, as I do usually.

                    I will be always indebted for your generosity & forbearance with me. 🙂

                    Stay well.
                    God Bless.

                    • #54 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 5 years ago

                      Hi feluda,
                      My host provides me unlimited bandwidth so no problems there 😉
                      I do hope you can find time to drop by every now and then. I am sure NeobuxFan too wishes the same 🙂

                      Good luck and have a nice day!

                    • #55 written by NeobuxFan
                      about 5 years ago

                      If you don't mind, could please list the dates of your national holidays so that I know when to pop in!

                    • #56 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 5 years ago

                      Hi NbxF,
                      You can check the holidays list in India from the following links :

                      I don't think feluda would comment on every holiday. According to his past activity, he wishes me Republic Day (Jan 26), Independence Day (15 Aug) and Diwali (dates vary from year to year). Sometimes here and there too but he surely comments during these days.

                    • #57 written by NeobuxFan
                      about 5 years ago


  • #58 written by suklambar
    about 4 years ago

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  • #59 written by kook2
    about 4 years ago

    my account suspended from get free tokens on play top eleven

    Disabled Account

    Your account has been suspended.
    If you feel this is a mistake, please submit a ticket via the 'offer status' page, and select "Why is my account suspended?".

    Thank You!

    can u fix it

    • #60 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 4 years ago

      Please contact the concerned site regarding all support related stuff.
      Nothing I can do from here.

  • #61 written by NeobuxFan
    about 4 years ago

    It's been a long time, so I thought I pop by.

    Sad to see PTC I go down, but at least she has peace of mind. Will miss PTC I.
    There is no other reputable source to turn to except for you. Not that it matters because I am not heavily involved in PTC and other sites (except Neobux of course). I just click here and there. Still it's nice know whats happening in the PTC industry even if I don't participate in it that much.

    Hope you are doing well. I am doing okay.

    Best wishes to you, Scruty. If I remember correctly, that's how Ivana liked to call you. Ahhh, the good ol' days!

    • #62 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 4 years ago

      Hi NbxF,
      Happy New Year to you too!

      I was initially shocked when PTCI made the announcement about closing her site. But, in the hindsight I feel its a good decision. If this industry is so bad that they can DDoS a blog, then its just not worth the effort.
      I will definitely miss her site, in fact I already am 🙁
      With her site gone, I am only active on the ClixSense forum as I never really liked EMS. Good luck with NeoBux and hope you are doing well there. You reached 30,000 (Neo)Points long time back but still haven't redeemed them and I am really surprised at this.

      Klickjobs first used the term 'Scruty' if I remember correctly. Ivana uses that term too and I don't mind it at all. Nice nickname 😉

      Take care.

  • #64 written by Phoiai
    about 3 years ago


    how do i know referrals click is added to my main balance? Because as i calculated i only find what the balance i have click.Not theirs… I check my balance first before i click orange ads and i check again after i clicked them. But i found only what i have clicked not from my referrals.
    In my statistic graph For example i have 36 credited clicks today from referrals. But its not shown in my main balance

    I'm also following my server time exactly as i was told 🙂 18:22 is my ads reset. I clicked ads everday at 19:00 (indian Time)

    Recently i made a mistake regarding server time rules. I believe i have corrected it. Anyway i want somebody to check it out if this graph is what it should look. I'm confused with the clicks. Above the server time there is 8 clicks and the one with straight line is 4clicks.Which is correct? why 8 & 4 clicks?
    Pls find the picture attachment.

    Thank You

  • #66 written by AdveRank
    about 1 year ago

    Hello Admin,
    we can advertising your website for 500 visits at only $1.91 !

  • #67 written by Tarunveer Singh
    about 1 year ago

    Hi Admin, You doing a great job…..

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