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  • #1 written by Krazy_Blogger
    about 6 years ago

    Hey do you know how to access the spam comments in word press when I log in to my dashboard it says 15 comments 13 approved 2 Spam and when I click on spam I can not see the spam comments. it just opens all the approved comments. Could you help me. And I changed the theme and a little on display format of the content in the posts check it out I am going to transform all the posts in the format. Since the last two days my internet was not working so I could not transform them but I will change the format of the whole blog in the way. Do you think it looks good.

    • #2 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      That is because you are using the IntenseDebate plugin for comments.
      To see the Spam comments, first disable the IntneseDebate plugin and then go the the comments. You will be able to see the Spam comments. After deleting or approving them, enable the IntenseDebate plugin again.
      Its a pain but you will have to live with it.

      This theme is better than that yellow one. I'd suggest using smaller icons for images like Minimum to cashout, referral program… it will look neater.

      • #3 written by Krazy_Blogger
        about 6 years ago

        Thanks for the help but it still does not solve the problem here is what I did and what happened. I deactivated Intensedebate plugin and then I opened the Spam comments and I had two comments there and I clicked on NOT Spam on both of them and after that they went in to the pending list and I approved them one of them was on Microworkers page and it did not showed up there ?? what to do now.

        • #4 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 6 years ago

          Might take a little while for IntenseDebate to fetch it since you approved the "Wordpress" comments (because whle approving the comments the ID plugin was disabled).
          It will be automatically synchronized so just wait for some time.

          • #5 written by Krazy_Blogger
            about 6 years ago

            I guess I will have to wait and see what happens, but i did not get it why were the comments moved to spam they did not have any link in them today another new comment was listed on the spam list this is what it says "Of course, what a magnificent website and educative posts, I definitely will bookmark your blog.Have an awsome day!" I dont know why it was moved to the spam comments. Do you know why ??

            • #6 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 6 years ago

              That is because such comments are posted by bots.. or rather spam bots.

              I too got a similar comment on the Wordlinx interview page where a user commented that he loved the article especially what I said at the end…. o.0 lol… What did I say ?? Nothing….
              Meaning it was a bot.

              I'd suggest you install the Akismet plugin for detecting automatic spam. Its really good.

              • #7 written by Krazy_Blogger
                about 6 years ago

                why would bots come on my site and post comments and comments that are not spam and do not contain any link to any other sites I just don't get it.

  • #8 written by Krazy_Blogger
    about 6 years ago

    how do you create the slide show in picasa, i tried to create one everything is fine just there is one problem it opens a new window which opens the album on picasaweb ?

  • #17 written by Krazy_Blogger
    about 6 years ago

    what sources do you get traffic from how do you get traffic to your website ? I am getting a a few visitors to my website every day some days i get around more than 35 hits and some day they go down to 8-9 hits a day. Any suggestions to get more traffic. Since I started my blog I only got 62 visitors through google till now.

    • #18 written by Krazy_Blogger
      about 6 years ago

      hey you missed this one !!

      • #19 written by PTC Scrutiny
        about 6 years ago

        Oh yes! I missed this comment of yours. Thanx for reminding.
        If you want traffic to your site then surf EasyHits4U, advertise on Aurora sites and maybe use auto-surfers.
        I am mainly getting trafiic from my Adhitz ads which I have bought.

        • #20 written by Krazy_Blogger
          about 6 years ago

          well are the Adhitz ads doing any good for you, do the visitors come back again or is it they land on the page for once and dont you get any traffic from search engines I get around 10 visitors a day from search engines and on a day i get around 20-25 visitors and I am using not any advertising or traffic exchange sites.

          • #21 written by PTC Scrutiny
            about 6 years ago

            I am also getting traffic from search engines and from Partner sites like, PTC Investigations, and a few other sites where there is a backlink to the interviews.

            Yes, I am pretty much satisfied with the Adhitz ads. I feel they are worth more than advertising link ads on PTCs since only interested visitors click the Adhitz ad. So you have genuine visitors rather than forced visitors.

            • #22 written by Krazy_Blogger
              about 6 years ago

              and are you earning from your adhitz ads on your website from the start of the month I have seen only one click on my ads are you doing any better ?? and the adhitz banner at the top of the page does that also comes with the theme ?? Yes I am also getting some visitors from partner sites like PTCInvestigation and your site partner sites are also doing a lot good for me. Could you tell me what klickjobs is all about ??

              • #23 written by PTC Scrutiny
                about 6 years ago

                The Adhitz ad at the top is an ad which someone bought.
                I don't earn a lot from Network ads on Adhitz since very few people click them.

                I have manually inserted the Adhitz code in the header.php in the CSS (theme editor).

                Klickjobs evaluates PTC sites and ranks them according to the earning potential. His site is NOT a my favorite PTC list. He has his own rules in ranking sites. He awards points to sites according to their features and at the end, the site with more points is ranked higher than those which have scored less points.
                You can read how he ranks sites here –…

                Also klickjobs is a very kind man. He is always there to help anyone so if you have any problems you can contact him on his site and he will surely help you out if he can.

                And he offers free Mini-Banners to active members on his site.
                Also ALL banners (ref. links for PTCs on his site) belong to the community. You can request for a spot on the banner rotators and you will get one full week behind the banner of your choice. After you week is over, you can request for a spot again.

                Apart from all I said, the best part is that his site has only a few active members (including me) and to be honest its much better than having thousands of active members since all of them are polite and helpful.
                Check out his site and I am sure you will never regret it 🙂

                • #24 written by Krazy_Blogger
                  about 6 years ago

                  could you teach me how to add it or could you add that in my themes header for me if I give you the file ^_^

                  • #25 written by PTC Scrutiny
                    about 6 years ago

                    Go to your Dashboard >> Appearance >> Editor.

                    On the right hand column you will find Templates
                    There you will find Header (header.php) Click it.

                    Add the Adhitz code after the Blog name and description BUT above the navigation menu.
                    If you are having any difficulty, try and see if a plugin is avialable for adding header codes.
                    I am currently using "Guan Mystique Theme Code Inserter" so I have not manually edited the header.php file. The Plugin is doing it for me.

                    • #26 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      They do not have a plugin for my theme, but still I was able to insert the banner in to the header.php and it worked fine would you please go and take a look it and tell me if it looks good or not and could you tell me how to move it to the right ? under the search

                    • #27 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Its looking good. 🙂
                      If you want to put it at the right hand side, you can put this code before the Adhitz code

                      <div style="text-align: right;">

                      Remember to close the tag </div>

                    • #28 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      It was not looking good at the right so I just moved it back to the left and can we tag our wordpress blog with keywords I am not talking about the posts in the blog but the whole bog it self i want to tag it with key words such as earn money online and like that. Is that possible?

                    • #29 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Yes it is possible.

                      In the header you can add tags like

                      <meta name="keywords" content="best ptc, top ptc, NeoBux, Paid To Click, PTC, GPT, Get Paid To" />

                      Add as many keywords as you want. You can also add tags like Title, Content, Author and description.

                    • #30 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      The same header file where I inserted the adhitz ad ?

                    • #31 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago
                    • #32 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      DO I copy the code that you gave me or copy the code on the website you gave a different code.

                    • #33 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      The code in the link I gave you.

                    • #34 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      Is your home page a static page or a posts page ?

                    • #35 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Its a posts page. The homepage is not a static page.

                    • #36 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      hey my drop down menu is not working like you have it on the help tab I listed the parent page of Partner list , About Us and it was all working fine but today when I opened my site and put my mouse pointer on the about us page the drop down menu did not open. I thought that this might be due to the code that I added to the header file the adhitz code so I just deleted the header file from my website and uploaded a new one from my computer which had no changes made to it but still it does not display the drop down menu.

                    • #37 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Sorry I don't have any idea about Drop Down menus since its coded in my theme.

                      Maybe you can search the WordPress forum to see if you can find some help.

                    • #38 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      I am not using a plugin for it It was also coded in my theme but now it has stopped working.

                    • #39 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Sorry then I can't help you on this 🙁

                    • #40 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      Well got the answer , I had facebook AWD plugin activated and due to which intenese debates was not working now I deactivated it intensedebate started working and also the drop down menu started working. I did not know that plugins could have such a effect on the site. And also found why some intense debate comments were not showing up they were in the spam folder of my intensedebate account I had to approve them on there.

                    • #41 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Good 🙂
                      You'll learn things along the way.

                    • #42 written by Adonica
                      about 6 years ago

                      Shiver me tiberms, them’s some great information.

                    • #43 written by Krazy_Blogger
                      about 6 years ago

                      Now intensedebates plugin stops working on my blog could you tell me why !!

                    • #44 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 6 years ago

                      Looks like you are tinkering too much with the settings and CSS.

                      Always take a backup before yu experiment else you will learn it the hard way.

                      Try contacting IntenseDebate Support for help and provide them as much details as possible about your problem and what were you doing when it stopped working.

                • #45 written by klickjobs
                  about 6 years ago

                  Very well explained PTCScrutiny 🙂 Thanks for informing Krazy_Blogger about my site and it makes me happy to see that your site is getting recognized more and more, that you're active here and helping others in many different ways. I believe that it makes also fun for you 🙂

                  Keep it up that way, much success and happy weekend to you!

        • #47 written by Krazy_Blogger
          about 6 years ago

          and is it a plugin you are using right under the adhitz ads in the side bar if so could you tell me the name …

          • #48 written by PTC Scrutiny
            about 6 years ago

            Many people love that Sidebar below the Adhitz ad which shows Latest comments, Tags, Categories, etc.. but the sad part is that it is NOT a plugin.
            It is coded in the CSS of the theme so if you want that sidebar, you will have to use the Mystique theme 🙁

  • #49 written by agus
    about 2 years ago

    how do you unlock my paypal ?

    • #50 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 2 years ago

      You mean your PayPal account is "limited"?
      You need to follow the instructions given in your account. If PayPal is asking for any documents, you will need to provide them that.

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