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This page is generally for newcomers as nothing new is listed here for those who have enough experience in the industry.

You may like to read on if you wish to know simple and effective methods to keep yourself and your hard earned money safe.


  • Never log into a PTC site without having an active Anti-virus protection on your PC. Some advertisements have viruses and you could get your system infected and lose your valuable files.
  • Don’t just sign up on a site before searching a little about it. Lets say, for example you saw a banner of ABCbux on some site and decided to sign up on it. Now before signing up, just do a little research which will hardly take you about 5 minutes to see if the site you are going to join is indeed worth it or not. Firstly, you can search about the site on Google. Just type in say “ABCbux” or “ABCbux Scam” and you will get a good list of sites providing information about it. Read about it on a few sites and you will have a general idea whether the site is paying or not or has massive complaints.
  • See how the site looks. Does it look professional? Does it have a forum? Most PTCs have forums so go ahead and check it out. Is the forum full of spam? If yes, then the site has in all probability been abandoned by the owner. If the forum looks clean, go ahead to the Payment Proof section and check whether people are getting paid or not. See whether the payment proofs are recent ones or a month or two old.
  • Never join sites which offer rates like $1 or $10 or $100 per click. There are many get-paid sites online at the moment offering large sums of money for reading e-mails and clicking advertisements. You may have seen examples of this kind of site, offering $10+ per paid email. However, these sites are often the sites which charge the least to their advertisers for advertisements. The effect of this is that these get-paid sites are taking in less money than they are promising to pay out to their members; in other words the sites are unsustainable. Being unsustainable makes it impossible, for these sites to pay their members as promised, and so they are likely to be scams.
  • Never give out your personal information on PTC site since most PTC admins are swindlers. Also it is suggested to create another e-mail account and keep it only for PTCs so that your regular work/personal e-mail is not hit with all the unnecessary emails about PTCs.
  • Never use the same password on more than one PTC. Use different passwords for all PTCs.
  • Always think and calculate before investing into a PTC. Buying upgrades is only worthwhile if you have a decent amount of referrals and if you can manage to recruit new people regularly incase the old ones become inactive. Also it is not recommended to invest into new sites since they have not proven themeselves. Always test the site before you invest into it since some sites don’t offer enough ads for different countries. Take for example Wordlinx. Assuming you are a small country and Wordlinx hardly has any ads for you, then most likely even after upgrade you might get very few ads.
  • How to get referrals?
    The simple answer is advertising and getting exposure. The golden rule is you should know WHERE to advertise, WHEN to advertise and HOW to advertise. Open a blog and promote sites which you use. Don’t just open a blog and have a banner farm. Try and give some information about the site and keep it updated and if you are lucky, you might get a few sign-ups under you. You can buy cheap advertising on many Aurora sites. For more help on advertising rates, you can go to the Advertisers Corner Page.
  • Never buy these so called “Referral Secrets” e-books you see which are advertised on PTC blogs.
    All are bogus and tell you nothing more than to advertise your referral links. Don’t believe me? Check out a few e-books below which are the same “Referral Secrets” e-books advertised.

I do hope after reading all the above points, you all will make the right choice and detect obvious scam sites.

If you have a suggestion, do leave your comments below and help others.


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  • #1 written by kunal vedi
    about 6 years ago

    Also Add the free small or tiny logos for the peoples so can they also get some direct referrals Same like klickjobs.biz had

    • #2 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      I'll have to think about this.

      I'll think about adding it if I do manage to get a good amount of regular visitors to my site.

      • #3 written by TrillionBuxA
        about 6 years ago

        Would you charge any money for this? If so, how much?

        • #4 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 6 years ago

          No. I am not gonna ask for money.

          There are lots of cheaters who tend to take advantage of the generosity of kind people like PTCI and KJ by making multiple requests. People created multiple accounts on KJ's site to take advantage of his benefit program due to which it is now limited to only "Authors".
          Similarly, people started posting encrypted as well as non-encrypted ref. links to get 2 spots on the same Banner rotator on PTCI's site.

          So I have decided not to offer such service. I hope you will understand.

          • #5 written by TrillionBuxA
            about 6 years ago

            Have PTCI and KJ banned the IP addresses of those who have cheated?

            • #6 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 6 years ago

              I know KJ has banned a few users who created multiple accounts. But to catch all the cheaters, he would have to scrutinize every members' account on his site which is too time consuming. And he would have to do it regularly which would have been a waste of time and effort. Its good that he has made some rules so that people cannot take advantage of his Benefit Program now.

              I think you will have to ask PTCI about what has he done. Although I believe he cannot ban users from accessing his site, I know that he now does not accept encrypted links for banner rotator spots.

              • #7 written by TrillionBuxA
                about 6 years ago

                Yes, PTCI announced that publicly. I was a bit shocked that there are so many dishonest people out there, but that's the way it is.

  • #8 written by kunal vedi
    about 6 years ago

    Think Positive Bro 🙂

  • #9 written by TrillionBuxA
    about 6 years ago

    PTCS, I suggest you add a new tip: Don't sign up on any sites in the InfinityBux network (that was a joke)

    Check out PowerfulBux. This screenshot was taken just moments ago.

    I decided to customize my bit.ly link in protest of Charles opening 12 sites.

    Click the link below to see PowerfulBux:


    • #10 written by TrillionBuxA
      about 6 years ago

      Not to mention Charles already bought a 3 year subscription ($199!!!)

      • #11 written by PTC Scrutiny
        about 6 years ago

        His move reminds me of IEN Network. IEN were doing well with their network of Auroras but then they opened a full “bux” site and within months, the entire network went bankrupt.Its impossible to sustain one “bux” site over a period of time leave alone 12 !!!!! I can only say that he is following the ponzi model where he is opening new sites and depending on new investments to manage the cash-flow and pay members on his older sites (like Infinitybux and TVIptc).

  • #12 written by mabrell
    about 6 years ago

    Hi PTC Scrutiny,may i ask where you create your custom banner for this site?It looks cool!B)Is it FREE??

    • #13 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Which banner are you talking about? Do mean the banners for my site or the ones like "Hints & Tips", "Trusted Sites", "New Sites" , etc… ?

      • #14 written by mabrell
        about 6 years ago


        • #15 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 6 years ago

          For icons (in the review like Personal earnings, cashout, referrrals, etc.) – http://www.iconarchive.com

          For Banners ("Hints & Tips", "Trusted Sites", "New Sites" , etc.) – http://www.psdgraphics.com
          (remember to thank the creator and DO NOT use it for commercial purposes. Please respect the creators terms)

          For my own site banners – Various sites. Just Google search "psd templates" or "banner templates" and you will find many. I don't really remember which sites they are from since I searched and browsed a lot of sites.

          Hope it helps and good luck creating your new and attractive banners 🙂

  • #17 written by EarnIt!
    about 6 years ago

    I must say, you're a great graphics designer. I too want to become a good one like you! 😉

    • #18 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Thanks but I am not a Photoshop Pro.
      I have used ready made Photoshop templates for all these icons/banners.

  • #19 written by Lukas
    about 3 years ago

    Really good tips & hints, especially for those who are just beginning to learn about the PTC sites.
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