Legit Sites

This is a list of sites that have launched recently (within the last 2 years). The sites listed below are currently paying their members on time. Currently, there are no major issues but always take caution before you think of upgrading.

In order to minimze the risk and reduce the workload of moving sites from this list to the Scam List, I have decided not to endorse “bux” sites. Most “bux” sites close within a few months of their launch and not a single site (except NeoBux) lasted for over a year. The model is not sustainable at all and depends on investments (expensive upgrades + rentals) to keep the cash-flow running in order to pay members.

Only sustainable sites (sites which profit from advertising or do not depend on investments and rentals) will be listed below.

For a site to be listed below, it must meet all of the following criteria.

  1. Must be sustainable which means that the site should profit from selling ads and not from selling expensive upgrades and rentals.
  2. Have no major issues and massive complaints.
  3. Paying on time as per their Terms.


Rewarding Ways

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  • #1 written by guest
    about 6 years ago

    how much u make in piggybankgpt in a day?

    • #2 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      I earn around 5 to 10 cents daily. All I earn is from my downline since there are hardly any offers available for me.
      I'll add a review for PiggyBankGPT soon since right now I am busy with sites on the Trusted List.

    • #3 written by Nael
      about 4 years ago
  • #4 written by @iearneasymoney
    about 6 years ago

    Hi there PTCS,

    This is mursalin. Haven't been active on many places (EMS, PTCI, kj's PTCTOP10) because of my recent exams.
    I just created a site about E-Spayce's PTC program @ http://espayce.weebly.com/index.html
    Feel free to visit and browse the pages. Who knows you'll be interested in reviewing the site 😉

    • #5 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Thanx. Right I don't have time to look at it. I will review a few sites in the coming weeks and will surely take a look at this site.

  • #6 written by adsene
    about 6 years ago

    hi please include http://www.onlyclix.com into your site list

    • #7 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Site is very new and has just 600 members. Let it grow and will take a look at it later.

  • #8 written by wilfred
    about 6 years ago


    You should definately checkout http://www.hazardptc.com and maybe review the site? I got paid by them and so got many more

    • #9 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      Its a Bux-Host site barely a month old. There are thousands of sites like those who pay for initial 2-3 weeks and then vanish overnight since it takes just $25 to open such a site.
      Lets see if it can last for atleast 6 months.

  • #10 written by TrillionBuxA
    about 6 years ago

    PTCS, how many more sites will you review? As far as I know you haven't reviewed one in a while. Or maybe it's just me because I review sites daily, sometimes I post 2 reviews every day. I'm on pace to have a bigger New Sites List than PTC-I's Ongoing Investigations List. 😛

    • #11 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      It depends on the site. Since I don't use and review "bux" sites, there is bound to be a lot less workload.
      Currently, I am thinking of reviewing NavBux (a 'bux' site which shows real ads), DailyDollarz and GetBuxToday.
      But, I am very very busy or should I say very stressed) since yesterday. I accidentally deleted all my important files from my external HD. And now I can only regret. I am busy trying to recover them but its not possible to get all of it back. So I am praying and hoping for the best.

  • #13 written by Lex
    about 6 years ago

    plz make review for http://www.urbanclix.net

    • #14 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 6 years ago

      It is a fairly small site with less than a thousand members. Sorry 🙁

  • #15 written by ptc-invest
    about 6 years ago

    Hello everybody,
    Join our dedicated community for free and start getting paid just for
    browsing websites, play games and more. Refer your friends and multiply your earnings!
    MY PAYMENT PROOF HERE: http://ptc-invest.weebly.com/2/post/2011/12/clixshttp://www.clixsense.com/?3820928
    NEW PTC: http://prestigebux.com/?ref=michaelg19

  • #16 written by danlviv09
    about 5 years ago

    Also you can work in http://www.33bux.com/?ref=danlviv09
    It is proved PTC site and administrators have already created other 7 sites such as this
    So have a good work and earnings)

    • #17 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      Why are you posting the same comment over and over again on different pages? Once comment is sufficient to get my attention.

      33Bux is a BuxHost site known for its fail rate. I am not reviewing any BuxHost site until they are atleast 2 years old because I do not have the time to move them from one list to another. Its just a pain.
      And regarding them opening several sites, I can already see where they will end up since they are following the ponzi model.
      For example : Look at the InfinityBux network with 6 PTCs, WealthEngineX and now HitXchange. All sites are financially crippled.

  • #18 written by girihena
    about 5 years ago

    Hello PTC Scrutiny, I have a little question to ask from you about Mybrowsercash.com.
    If you use the site, can you please explain me how their 'referral share' system works. Is it profitable to use that for people who don't have refs?
    I ask you about this because I saw that this site is listed as legit in PTC investigation. 🙂

  • #20 written by no scaam
    about 5 years ago

    I've been a member of the many sites and such sites are not scam scam I learned that you can transfer the money you earn, but personal experience and great pay sites PTC sites that I trusted sites, these sites are already members took off after I wrote my message to those who are members refimle have a multi-site routing but these sites are doing most of the web sites that you do not believe many of the labor colony, but the links below will give the direction of this site that I continue to experience the confidence and the payment received and payment sites. After becoming a member of the site to direct you if you ask around here I have everything installed in the head with my answers, but I try to be online every day.

    • #21 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 5 years ago

      I couldn't understand a word what you were trying to say 😡

      • #22 written by hrsoni4
        about 5 years ago

        hello there ptcscrutiny nice and informative blog you have made here.
        lol couldn't resist commenting here after reading the comment from the person posted above you "no scamm".i was trying to figure out what he/she was trying to say but i got confused as well o.0
        by the way this was too funny "I have everything installed in the head" 😀

        • #23 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 5 years ago

          Most probably the comment was from a spam bot. But, I wasn't 100% sure so I let it be.
          You'll be surpised to see the amount of spam comments which are blocked daily. All thanks to Akismet (an automatic spam blocker) which detects them else I would I have been screwed.

  • #24 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
    about 4 years ago

    How can you say that probux is a scam site? Indeed it pays to their members.I am working with probux from year and paid instantly

    • #25 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 4 years ago

      That is because you are not looking beyond your own payments. Probux is paying "selectively" which means they are not paying everyone. Those that have reached their ROI, are getting banned for no apparent reason. Its the same old game they are playing like they did with their old sites – Upbux and Onbux.

      Check EMS for more such stories. Sadly, PTC Investigations is no longer online else you would seen lots of such complaints in their comment section.

      • #26 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
        about 4 years ago

        1)ROI Means?

        2) What happened to PTCI?


        • #27 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 4 years ago

          ROI means return on Investment. If you have invested say $100, and you have received $70, then your ROI is 70%

          You can visit ptc-investigation.com to read their message. http://www.ptc-investigation.com/

          • #28 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
            about 4 years ago

            Ok…. thank you for your reply….


  • #29 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
    about 4 years ago

    Hello PTCS,

    In a past few days i came to know that the-bux.net turned out to be scam.I thought this site like next neobux but it cannot.Recently in the-bux.net's forum i read that a user with thousands of direct referrals will loose thousands of dollars and their dr's trust.How can we trust a site? I am losing hope on ptc industry.

    • #30 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 4 years ago

      the-bux.net was a scam from a long long time, atleast 6 months back. I remember using that site but all they did was limit cashout to $350 daily for everyone. So once that was up, no one could cashout.
      They said that it reset at 00:00 server time so once I tried to cashout exactly at 00:00 server time and couldn't. If they really were legit, then they should have allowed everyone to cashout, put it in pending status and process them in 7-10 days. But, no they chose the shady way to show they are paying when they actually didn't. Do they expect everyone to request their cashout 00:00 server time and keep trying it daily until they succeed?

      Very few sites in this industry are dependable. The old ones are the best since they have stood the test of time. Don't rely on new ones, and don't upgrade on them. Most sites hardly last 6 months. In fact, most will start out strong but after 3-4 months, the wheels start to come off.
      For now, the reliable sites would be NeoBux, ClixSense, LinkGrand, Clicksia, Incentria, Hits4Pay and a few others which I don't use. But these are the most famous old sites.

      • #31 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
        about 4 years ago

        But what about gladbux and the sites from Tim Company like nerdbux,legacyclix,drclix? It's very hard to depend on a new site as you told.If we deal with gpt sites none of my referrals are active.. they don't know how to refer hence leaving….. Tell me how can i get more referrals for gpt sites?


        • #32 written by PTC Scrutiny
          about 4 years ago

          TimTech and their recommeded sites are also too new. Don't fall for them just because Nerdbux recommends those sites. Let them stand on their feet and see how they fare in the next 6-8 months.
          All these recommendations and partnerships make no difference because ultimately the site will have to prove itself over time.

          Referrals on GPT sites are only worth if they are from a Tier-I country. So target your campaign to North America, UK, Australia and Western Europe since its those countries that have the most offers.

          • #33 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
            about 4 years ago

            Can you share how many referrals you have in Rewardingways and piggygpt?

            • #34 written by PTC Scrutiny
              about 4 years ago

              RewardingWays – 259 (but most them are inactive)

              PiggyBankGPT ( I think everyone is inactive because I hardly make any money on PiggyBank).
              Level 1 – 54
              Level 2 – 901
              Level 3 – 261

              • #35 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
                about 4 years ago

                Ok… I will try to refer people in tier I countries.Actually i am dealing with a gpt site called pointdollars and it's also like rewardingways.In pointdollars i found a membership that cost 5$ per month, if a user with no ref link comes then there is 20% chance that he would be my referral for 30 days as like renting referrals and 10% commissions i will get from it.Is it good? and one more question is i want to know whether axis bank debit cards will work with paypal? and which debit/credit card you are using for purchases.


                • #36 written by PTC Scrutiny
                  about 4 years ago

                  Don't upgrade only for the free referrals because you will get very few of them. You will eventually have to build your own downline (referrals).

                  I think I did read somewhere that Axis Bank debit card works on PayPal but that was quite some time ago. Not sure if it does work now.
                  You can use any credit card for purchases through PayPal.
                  If you have any doubts, you can ask for help on the following NeoBux topic as many users share the latest debit/credit cards that work/do not work on PayPal – http://www.neobux.com/forum/?/36/259119/All-About-Indian...

                  • #37 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
                    about 4 years ago

                    Thank you for your information and my another question is "Is it beneficial to rent referrals and get profit from them?" and "Are these rented referrals are real people or just a bot scripts created by ptc admins and there by giving some random clicks to them?".


                    • #38 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 4 years ago

                      I won't recommend renting referrals on any site. Its been proven many times that they are bots and most scripts like Gen4, PTCEvo have the bot add-on. No Admin will admit it but thats how it is.
                      Still users rent and spend money expecting to make a fortune.

                      Getting direct referrals is the way forward.

                    • #39 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
                      about 4 years ago

                      Then how can we get money from ptc sites? We can't get good income by just clicking ads daily and how can advertisers get benefits?

                    • #40 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 4 years ago

                      The main source of income is from referrals on PTCs. Commissions from their activity and purchases.

                      If you advertise something, the profit from advertising might come from your advertisement itself.
                      For example, if you advertise a product and some users who view your advertisement(s) like it, they may buy it, so you will get potential customers.
                      You may advertise your referral link of another PTC site that you are member of. And if other users like your advertised site, they might sign up and end up being your direct referral to that other site.

                    • #41 written by lokesh
                      about 4 years ago

                      Yes… you are right but for the people like me who can't invest on adverts to get direct referrals, how can we get money from ptc sites?

                    • #42 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 4 years ago

                      In that case, the process will be slow. Join a few traffic exchanges, do some referral deals, referral exchanges, join downline builder threads on EMS.
                      That way you can gain referrals.

                    • #43 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
                      about 4 years ago

                      Will you please lead me there.I don't know about these TE,RE.Do you know any offline data entry jobs? As we are from india , all our indians want 1$ per ad so how can we motivate them?

                    • #44 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 4 years ago

                      You'll find these sections on EMS.
                      Referral Deals – http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/board,…
                      Referral Exchanges – http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php?board=
                      Downline Builder – http://www.emoneyspace.com/forum/index.php/board,…

                      You can also try and promote through Facebook. Some Indian members have had great success through Facebook. Just open a Facebook page and try and explain how PTCs work and there is a good chance to get referrals. Similarly, make a few videos and promote through Youtube.

                    • #45 written by Lokesh Sanapalli
                      about 4 years ago

                      You know captcha work which is a famous online job in india? And is it good to rent referrals for the people like me who can't invest money on getting direct referrals?

                    • #46 written by PTC Scrutiny
                      about 4 years ago

                      No, I have no idea about captcha work.

                      Like I said earlier, I don't recommend renting referrals on any site.

  • #47 written by muneer
    about 3 years ago

    i am just working on http://www.fasterbux.com its paying good and instantly i am happy with fasterbux i am not free for work on many ptc sites its good for me i am working with fasterbus from 1 year and i have earn up to $1000 thanks fasterbux

  • #48 written by Sang
    about 3 years ago

    How about twickerz, ayuwage, buxp,warofclicks, bux247,innocurrent, legacyclix, cashnhits ??

    Are these scams or legit or established?

    Please help.

    Could you comment on if neobux uses bots to generate fake rented referrals ??

    Thanks a lot.

    • #49 written by PTC Scrutiny
      about 3 years ago

      Twickerz – I don't use it. Have heard that they have collaborated with GoldenClix which is paying selectively and censoring forum posts and banning members unfairly.

      Ayuwage – I don't use it.

      BuxP – established site, but the reason I do not use them is because they show adult ads. Worst part is that it is enabled by default and you have to manually disable it.

      Bucks247 – A Buxhost site. Sorry I am not interested in sites using that script.

      Innocurrent – I don't use it

      Legacyclix – Paying. I used to click on it but earnings were too low so I quit.

      CashnHits – I use this site but every now and then they disable cashouts without notice.


      As for NeoBux, it hasn't been proven that they use bots. Everyone has their own theory and I don't want to get into that because I simply don't rent.
      I would suggest you stick to Direct Referrals. However, if you decide to rent, it is completely your choice. Renting is like gambling or throwing a dice. You never know what you will end up with.

    • #50 written by venky
      about 2 years ago

      yes. all these legit or scam

  • #51 written by www.best-ptc-sites.net
    about 2 years ago

    My Favorite for 2015
    – Donkeymails
    – Scarlet-clicks
    – Gptplanet
    – Clixsense
    – Neobux
    – Trafficmonsoon

  • #52 written by ptc-sites.biz/
    about 2 years ago

    Is NeoBux Really The King of PTC Websites?

  • #54 written by Maxi
    about 2 years ago

    After a long long search I have got one site of yours that has given all genuine PTC sites list. I am very thankful to you. 

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