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Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC


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LogiPTC is a simple Paid-to-Click site where you are paid to visit websites. Click on the ad, stay on the landing page for 10 seconds and thats it.
LogiPTC has been online and paying since January, 2010.

LogiPTC ads

Below are the Pros and Cons of the site.


  • An Established Site – The site has been online and paying since January 2010.
  • Paying on time – The site is currently paying all its members on time. Even we were paid and you can see our payment proofs below.

    Other places where you can find payment proofs are listed below.

    Google search

  • All countries accepted – There are no country restrictions and anyone can join the site. However they pay only through PayPal so make sure that PayPal is available in your country.
  • No referral limit – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site. Great for promoters who are good at referring.
  • Fixed minimum cashout – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site. Great for promoters who are good at referring.
  • No upgrades or selling/renting referrals – The site does not offer any upgrades or referrals for sale/rent. You are either a clicker or an advertiser.
    The only thing you can expect to loose on this site in the worst case scenario is the time you spent.




  • Who Is Info Private – If you do a Who Is search, you will find that the information is private. We believe any serious businessman should have no apprehensions in showing his/her details if he is running an online paid-to-click or get-paid-to program.
  • Forum – The site has no forum like most PTCs do. Forums are excellent for interaction between members and the staff. Members can post suggestions, payments proof and report bugs. Also small complaints can be solved which reduces the workload of the staff of replying to Support tickets.
  • Ads with viruses? – There have been some reports of ads containing viruses.
    Kaspersky forum
    eMoneySpace forum
  • Poor Support – There have been reports that many people do not receive replies to their tickets. Although they do make payments timely, its also their duty to answer support related queries in a timely manner.
  • Click fraud – In the past, they encouraged Click fraud where users had to click ads on the landing page, which is why we never reviewed this site as we do not support click fraud.
    In December, 2012 they removed such ads. Now users are no longer forced to perform click fraud.. Users simply need to click on the ad and stay on the landing page for 10 seconds.

    Click fraud is a type of internet crime that occurs when one clicks an ad forcibly or purposely without having any interest in the advertised link. It is basically cheating the advertiser since the advertiser has to pay for irrelevant clicks. It is illegal and and as mentioned earlier, a crime.

  • More information about the site
  • Important
  • Changelog
    & Updates
  • NO PROXIES OR TUNNELS – All your IP addresses will be reviewed on payout request. Any cloaking connection over your original ISP such as a proxy or VPN is not allowed. Accounts using such a connection as an ISP to connection to LogiPTC will get their accounts suspended immediately.
  • You MUST follow the instructions instructed by the system when using LogiPTC. The system has Anti-Cheat systems with detections put in place to ensure that you have followed the instructions provided. It is important to follow these instructions, as you may receive a warning from their system if you do not. You may not use AdBlock while using LogiPTC. If they find that you have such a plug-in enabled while browsing their site, you may receive a warning. Please be careful when getting warnings, accumulated warnings may lead to an account review and/or suspension and possibly termination.

    LogiPTC ads
  • Viewing ads will not work on Google Chrome browser.
  • If you receive 5 warnings, your account will be suspended. Warnings expire every 24 hours.
  • Warnings are given at a random time between 15 minutes to an hour after the infraction takes place.
  • Pages that do not load or give a 404 page error will not initiate the warning system. You will however still be paid for the visit.
  • Make sure you have java-script enabled, and also any advertisement blocking add-on/software disabled. Having these will cause their warning system to give you a warning.
  • Toolbar : You may want to install their toolbar and receive instant ad notifications.
    You can download their toolbar from here – http://www.logiptc.com/toolbar.php

    LogiPTC toolbar

  • If you are interested in advertising on LogiPTC, you will have to make the purchase on their partner site – LogiTraffic.com
    You can login on LogiTraffic.com using your LogiPTC login credentials.
  • Site Launched on : January 14, 2010
  • FAQ

    LogiPTC FAQ

  • January 30, 2014 : Moved to Established List.
    Its been over 2 years since they removed click fraud and the site seems to be having no major issues.

Conclusion : LogiPTC is a decent site and apart from their inconsistent support, I don’t there is anything to complain. Just make sure you follow the instructions while viewing ads and you won’t have any problems.

Please leave your views in the Comment section below. If you find any mistakes in the review please do bring it my notice.


Get Paid for Browsing the Internet with LogiPTC