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$0.005 per click

$0.01 per paid email


Level 1 = 20 %

Level 2 = 10 %

Level 3 =    8 %

Level 4 =    6%

Level 5 =    4 %

Level 6 =    2 %


You earn referral commissions only from
Paid emails and NOT from PTC ads.


No limit (6 Levels)


$2 (personal earnings)


$25 (including referral earnings)


Payments are disabled





We are no longer recommending this site because this site has been completely ignored for the past year. No updates, poor support, delay in approving ads and upgrades and the list is endless. Now even their Payza account is limited so users cannot request a cashout.
Recently their sister site – PTCBOX also had their PayPal and Payza accounts limited.

Due to persistent issues and complete negligence along with problems with their sister site, we can no longer recommend this site.

Below are the Pros and Cons of the site.

  • No Referral Limit – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site which is great for those who are good at promoting. 6-levels of referrals makes the earning potential enormous if one can manage a handful of referrals who are good at promoting.
  • Permanent Fixed Cashout – The cashout mark is fixed at $2 (excluding referral earnings) and does not increase after each cashout.
  • Lifetime Bonuses – Everyone will benefit from this regardless of their membership type.
    Members will earn:
    $1 bonus for every $4 personal clickthru they have accumulated.
    $0.20 bonus for every $2 personal clickthru they have accumulated.
    Also: (Only for Lifetime members) – Lifetime Gold-Silver members’ personal clickthrus will be DOUBLED.

  • Dead Site – There are no ads to click. And their email system – is having problems which means no paid emails too. So no referral earnings at all. So there is practically nothing to earn from the site.
  • No Payments – On October 8, 2012 a couple of people reported on the MatrixMails forum that their Payza cashouts on MatrixMails did not go through.
    Now MatrixMails being completely ignored at the expense of PtcBox in the past year and with the current problems on PtcBox, it was expected that the Admin would not respond to any support related issues for MatrixMails.
    On going through it, I found that even the MatrixMails Payza account is now limited which explains why people are unable to cashout on MatrixMails.
    So there is nothing going for the entire Matrix network now. No payments coming in or going out on MatrixMails and PTCBox. Both sites are at a complete standstill.

    matrixmails payza limited

    So as of now,
    MatrixMails Payza account = LIMITED
    PtcBox PayPal account = LIMITED
    PtcBox Payza  account = LIMITED

  • No clear announcement about PayPal payments – The site has still not made it clear if they will ever be able to resume PayPal payments. The last announcement which was made in December, 2011 said that PayPal payments would resume by January 3rd, 2012.
    Its been over a year from their said date and there is still no sign of PayPal. To make matters worse, they haven’t made any new announcement ever since.

    IMPORTANT (23.12.2011):
    1- Alertpay’s $10 redeem limit lifted. You can now redeem your earnings up to $100 (if you want to redeem more than $100, please contact us for a manuel payment)

    2- We decided to resume Paypal payments by 3rd January 2012 but there will be some limitations “until we clear the backlog”. Details will be announced here.


    Below is the announcement they made when their PayPal account was permanently limited.
    Importantly they never revealed why their PayPal account was limited.

    IMPORTANT (08.06.2011):
    We regret to inform you that paypal has closed our account. Despite our intensive efforts to prevent them from doing so, it seems that their irrational and uncompromising stance on this matter has erased any possibility of finding a middle way. Anyone who has had to deal with paypal knows that it is virtually impossible to talk to any in charge and even if you manage to get through to someone they keep repeating pre-written responses without trying to understand the problem and be of any kind of help. Basically, paypal customer service is just a smokescreen. They have no responsibility or authority so, as a result, all complaints fall on deaf ears.

    Paypal are one of the heavyweights in the game, so there is no point in dragging out this issue. Under these circumstances we will not be able to open another paypal account with our current corporate id so we have started the paperwork to set up a new corporate name. Once the registration process for the new company is complete, we will be able to resume paypal payments. At this point in time we can not give a certain date since the registration process is beyond our control and we do not know how long it would normally take.

    Please rest assured that we are doing our best to resume paypal payments. In the meantime, we are asking you to be patient. This is not the first time we have experienced such problems. Yet, every time this happened we kept our word and resumed payments. Rest assured that this time will be no different. We feel sorry when a member threatens to quit due to a delayed payment. If we had tried to avoid paying out every time we encountered such problems, we would have been out of business a long time ago. But we have been in this sector for almost ten years and we do not intend to allow such problems to tarnish the reputation we have built in all these years. This is our promise to you.

    Here is a good example of payment proof posted by one of our members on our forum, which shows we never delay our payments :

    As you can see, there is not even one delayed payment for years. Throughout the time we have been in business our intention has been good but sometimes having good intentions is not enough. In this respect we expect our veteran members to show their support by expressing their thoughts and refuting the negative comments on our forum and other forums.

    Thank you for your understanding.


  • Site has been neglected – Since the launch of their sister site – PTCBox, MatrixMails has been neglected. MyBestMail server is having problems due to spammers but there is no announcement on MatrixMails about it explaining the lack of paid emails in the past weeks.
    Due to this you have people waiting for their ads to be sent out for months and they have no idea whats happening.
    And now with PTCBox having their PayPal and Payza accounts limited, its become a complete mess.
  • Forum no longer online – Their forum – was all of sudden taken down in December, 2012 following the collapse of MatrixMails and PtcBox.

    Forums are excellent for interaction between members and the staff. Members can post suggestions, payments proof and report bugs. Also small complaints can be solved which reduces the workload of the staff of replying to Support tickets.

  • More information about the site
  • Important
  • You may request payment if you are a Free member after you have earned $2 (Alertpay/Paypal) personal clickthru or $25 total (including referral earnings). “Either” of the options is enough to receive an INSTANT PAYMENT.
    If you are Silver or Gold member, you may request your payment anytime via Paypal or Alertpay.
  • Referral Earnings – It takes many paid emails received by members to have referral earnings show up, even for members that have 100’s or 1000’s in their downline.
    Referral earnings are displayed once a referred member has earned their referring member at least 1 full cent by reading emails. Technically a member with 1000 referrals that have each earned him/her 0.5 cent has earned $5.00 but their earnings will not be shown until an individual member has earned them 1 full cent.
  • You will need to create a free web-based POP3 email account at to receive the paid emails. You will also receive an email alert on your registered email for any new paid mails. But, you will have to log in to your email account to read the paid email.

Conclusion : As of now we cannot recommend MatrixMails because of nothing seems to be going right for the site – No updates, poor support, delay in approving ads and upgrades. And the worst among all, even their Payza account is now limited. So they can no longer sell ads or upgrades and neither can members cashout their earnings. MatrixMails as of now is what you would call a “ghost” site.

Please leave your views in the Comment section below. If you find any mistakes in the review please do bring it my notice.