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PTCBOX Not recommended



$0.005 per click

Upgraded members earn from 1 cent to 10 cents from their Personal clicks.


10% (Level 1 only)

Upgraded members earn upto 100% from referral clicks and from upto 3 levels.


No limit (1 Level)

Upgraded members can have referrals upto Level 3.



Introductory $1 minimum payout limit for the first 3 redeems!


 Payments are disabled as their PayPal and Payza
accounts are limited.





PtcBox’s PayPal & Payza account has been limited so as of now the site is pretty much dead as they cannot receive nor pay out cash.

The site has always been slow in making announcements and even this time they took 5 days to make an announcement regarding their PayPal limitation.  Below is their announcement on PtcBox where they are asking users to dispute their PayPal transactions which has turned completely chaotic.

Unfortunately, PtcBox’s Paypal account has recently been limited by Paypal.

Paypal is the biggest payment processor and nearly all of the sales and payments are processed through Paypal. With the huge volume which PtcBox has reached, it will not be possible to survive, even for a short time. If we can not get our account back, PtcBox will eventually turn into a “ghost” web site and it will be remembered as a scam. Although it is still possible to get the account activated, the chances are low so instead of giving hope, we will have to accept the worst case scenario and make 3 very important calls regarding this matter before it’s too late.

FIRST: As you know, once Paypal blocks an account, they will keep the balance for 6 months and then release it after 6 months. But 6 months is a very long time for PTC sites and who cares about money if PtcBox dies by then? This may come across as strange but we are calling everyone to open a dispute for us. Once again, please “OPEN A DISPUTE FOR ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES THROUGH PAYPAL”. We can not withdraw the money but if you open a dispute they HAVE TO refund the money to customers even if we fail to reactivate the account. In this way at least the money will not stay in Paypal’s bank account, and it will return to the members’ accounts.

You can place a statement such as “Because the merchant’s account has been limited, I want my money to be refunded” or alternative statements that come to the same effect.

SECOND: As of today, we’ve temporarily stopped selling advertisements and memberships.

THIRD: Do NOT promote your PtcBox referral links at other sites with “PAID ADVERTISEMENTS”. Please do NOT spend any money to promote your referral links in any case. But if you have links which you don’t have to pay money for, you can keep promoting your links.

Kind Regards,


Below are the Pros and Cons of the site.

  • No Referral Limit – There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to the site which is great for those who are good at promoting.
    And you can earn from referrals up to 3-levels deep if you upgrade which makes it even better.
  • Registered Company – is a registered company in United Kingdom under EU regulations with Registration No. 07687405 – PTC BOX UK LIMITED..
  • Permanent Fixed Cashout – The cashout mark is fixed at $2 and does not increase after each cashout.
  • Customize you Upgrade – Another innovative feature which feels like a dream. Now you no longer have to take what is on offer. Do you want to personalize your upgrade? No problems. PtcBox offers you that.
    So now you can customize your upgrade with features that are useful to you. So if you want to increase just the referral earnings and not your own personal clicks, then you can do it. Want to earn from 3-levels of referrals? You can customize that too.
    There are 1026 different combinations which can be created on the upgrade page and you can earn up to 10 cents from your Personal clicks and up to 100% from your referrals’ clicks.

    Detailed view of membership benefits : Click here



  • PayPal & Payza limited – Their PayPal and Payza account has been limited so there is no money coming in or going out.
    Site is virtually dead and as they themselves said, its turned into a “ghost” site.
  • Contact Us form not working – The CONTACT US form on the site is not working because many members complain that their support tickets were never answered.
    Support is instead given through their forum in the Support-Help sub-forum, which is not a good idea because members have to disclose the transaction IDs and sometimes their email addresses to have their problems resolved.
  • Messed up forum – If you are not a regular visitor of their forum, don’t be surprised if you are lost because the forum is completely messed up. Everything is posted in the main forum and many times important issues are simply lost because “spam” and already answered queries dominate the first page.
  • Forum no longer online – Their forum – was all of sudden taken down in December, 2012 following the collapse of MatrixMails and PtcBox.

    Forums are excellent for interaction between members and the staff. Members can post suggestions, payments proof and report bugs. Also small complaints can be solved which reduces the workload of the staff of replying to Support tickets.

  • Zero Loss Guarantee? – They promised a Zero Loss Guarantee on all upgrades but didn’t live up to their words. They had no backup plans and when their PayPal account was limited, the whole site crashed. Although they did encourage everyone to file disputes to claim their investments, those that had made purchases earlier couldn’t file disputes thus ending up losing money.

  • More information about the site
  • Important
  • You earn commissions from referral clicks on the base price of 0.5 cents per ad. So if you have a referral who is an upgraded member and earns 5.5 cents per clicks from his/her personal clicks, you will NOT earn 10% of 5.5 cents (assuming you are Free member).
    You will earn 10% of 0.5 cents = $0.0005 per referral click.
  • All upgrades are NOT processed instantly but manually on the same day.
  • While requesting your payment, if the payment fails to be paid, please wait 24 hours and try again. Do not redeem more than once in a day. If the amount is deducted from your Main Balance and you do not receive the payment to your PayPal/Payza account, send a Personal Message (PM) on their forum addressed to “PtcBox” and explain. Or open a forum topic here.
  • Upgraded members also get “missed” commissions from their referrals. If they upgrade their membership to a higher level (add more multipliers to their custom upgrade), when their referral adds additional multipliers then, they will get not only the commission for his current investment, but also additional commissions for his initial upgrade, which they previously missed because of the lower upgrade. Example :
    You currently have a $100 upgrade which gives you 10% commissions from referral upgrades in your downline.Now lets say your referrals upgrades his account for $50, so you will receive 10% of that which comes up as a $5 commission.
    Now lets say you invest another $100, so now your upgrade is worth $200. So now you receive 20% commissions. Now, if that referral who upgraded his account for $50 adds more multipliers (lets say another $100) then you will receive 20% commissions from his current investment plus the 10% missed commission from his past investment which you “missed” when you had the $100 upgrade.
    So you will receive a commission of $25 [20% of $100 + 10% of $50]
  • Expiry dates will be renewed/extended if you add multipliers to a Silver/Gold/Platinum membership.
    If you add multipliers to a Custom membership (no matter how much worth), the expiry date will not be renewed/extended. [Source]
  • “Contact Us” form on the site is probably not working so for Support Tickets you need to send a Personal Message (PM) on their forum. Address the PM to “PtcBox”.
  • Upgraded Members can even chat with their referrals. A screen-shot of the Chat feature – [Screen-shot]
  • Control Panel Instructions – [Screen-shot]

Conclusion : PtcBox’s PayPal and Payza account both are limited and lack of planning and no backup plans has resulted in a complete roadblock with no way forward. It will most likely turn into a dead site just like its sister site – MatrixMails which was completely ignored ever since PTCBox was launched.

In any case, if I have missed out something or if you find any errors in the review, do let me know through the Comment Section. You are always welcome to share your experience with the site whether good or bad through the comment section below.