Update :

August 1, 2014 : This review is no longer updated.

Why we are no longer endorsing this site?

Recently it was brought to my attention that the owner of this site has been involved with multiple HYIPs in the past – Basebucks,,, and investproker.
Richard O’Neil, Carlos G Garcia and Jo Cook are the names involved with the above sites.
Many people have lost money with his past sites which is not really surprising if the site in question is a HYIP.
A popular HYIP blog (Money News Online) does advise its readers to beware.

BaseBucks and MyTrafficValue are both pending scams and are run by an experienced scammer who stole a lot of money from online investors! Do not invest in BaseBucks and MyTrafficValue scams!

Source : 04/10/2011. Interview with the admin of BaseBucks

I am not into HYIPs so I don’t have much information about all his past sites. So I will just leave you with some links and its up to you to decide.

Personally speaking I have stopped promoting this site and from today onwards (August 1, 2014) this review will no longer be updated.



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