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Update : October 5th, 2012.

Its been over 2 months since Varolo announced that they were working on remodeling the site. Site paid all pending debt no matter how small or big the amount was before closing.
As of now, the site does not load for over a week and there is no update on their blog either. So we are going ahead and adding it to the Closed List.



21% of whatever the
advertiser pays for the ad

( For the first month only )


5% (on all 6 Levels)

3% commission for referring advertisers


No limit (6 Levels)

Forced Matrix “3×6+” Model
[See the article below for more details]





Payments are made once or twice a week



Update : August 4, 2012.

Varolo is undergoing a remodel and will be changing their compensation plan.
If you have been a Varolo member since June 15th, you can login and transfer any and all earnings via Paypal. But hurry, this option will only be available through July 30.



This is an article about this site rather than a review so I will not list Pros and Cons. I will simply explain how this site works.



On users get paid for viewing the videos themselves for the first month of membership only. After the first month, users will just get paid for the videos viewed by their referrals.
To receive the referral earnings users have to view atleast 140 videos every week which will earn them 100% referral earnings. If 140 videos is not available then by simply logging into Varolo for atleast 5 days a week and trying to view videos will qualify for 100% referral earnings.

Members get paid 21% of whatever the advertiser pays to show the video. So if the advertiser pay 10 cents for the video, you will earn 2.1 cents for watching it.
Number of videos available varies from country to country as they are dependent on advertisers.



Varolo has a weekly Jackpot of $500 and you earn one ticket for every video you view. For those who do not have videos, you can manually activate your 1 ticket to participate in the jackpot in your Profile Settings page. The more ads you watch the more chances you have to win.

That is chance. However, there is a “splash up effect” that allows others to each win a 10 percent equivalent of the jackpot each week. So if Alice sponsored Bob, and Bob sponsored Chris, and Chris sponsored David and David sponsored Edith and Edith one the weekly jackpot, David, Chris, Bob and Alice would all win 10 percent of what Edith won. So those that promote Varolo and build a village can have increased chances to win because ANYONE in their village that wins the jackpot means that they also win! In the example above, if Edith wins $10,000 this week, Alice, Bob, Chris, and David would each win $1,000 as well! It pays to grow a village even with the jackpot and it isn’t all about chance.

In addition to the payments, users get achievement cards for actions at Varolo. These cards can be redeemed for referrals or jackpot entries.



Varolo has a 6 levels matrix referral model which they refer to as “Village”. This is not your usual Matrix found on most MLM programs as they have modified a little and they call it a “3×6+” Forced Matrix Model.
The number of spots available on each level is :

Level 1 : 3
Level 2 : 9
Level 3 : 27
Level 4 : 81
Level 5 : 273
Level 6 : 819

The first 4 levels are filled with referrals which you have personally referred. Levels 5 and 6 are be filled with members recruited by your referrals on the first 4 levels. These last two levels won’t be unlocked until you have an overall village size of 300 (Level 5) and 2500 (Level 6), respectively.
If all spots in the matrix are filled, a second one will be opened on level 1 to start a new matrix. Thus, you can refer an unlimited amount of people and there is no cap on the number of members you can have in your downline/matrix.

Each user gets 3 positions directly under them. Each of those users gets 3 positions as well and so forth. After you register in Varolo, you have these 3 open slots under you. So you invite 2 people, which go on your first degree of separation (level) filling 2 of your 3 available spots. Then your sponsor recruits someone else and if they don’t have any more spots available directly under them, their new recruit is forced into your 3rd spot. Essentially this model means that people above you are forced to place people in your village as they continue to grow their village. You are required to place people into the villages of those you have sponsored ,which helps them grow a village, but is also helping you grow your village.



All referrals regardless of their level will earn you the same amount of money for each ad they view irrespective of where they are placed in your matrix. The referral earnings are 5%

IMPORTANT : If you do not login and use Varolo any particular week, any new users that join your village in that week will never earn you anything. [More info here]



Payments are processed through PayPal once you earn atleast $20. Payments are processed manually about once or twice a week.
From the the requested amount, a fee may be deducted.

I too have personally been paid from this site and below is my list of payment proofs.


If You are a resident of the United States and the total fair market value of Your Rewards for prizes and/or cash equal or exceed $600 in a year, You will receive an IRS 1099 Tax Form for the total fair market value of redemption and/or prize(s) awarded.



Summary : The matrix referral model is what makes Varolo a unique program as it can be beneficial even to users who usually are not good at recruiting referrals. Such people can simply join under very active recruiter and thus build a village and benefit from Varolo.

The site does not have any upgrade options so you are either a clicker or an advertiser. The only thing you can loose on this site is your time you spend on this site.

And in short there are 3 ways to earn money with Varolo

  1. The Weekly Jackpot
  2. The Varolo Village where you can claim the earning from people you have sponsored, and those they have sponsored and so forth up to 6 levels.
  3. The affiliate program where you can recruit advertisers and earn 3% on all the advertising they do in Varolo.


Its been over 2 months since Varolo announced that they were working on remodeling the site. Site paid all pending debt no matter how small or big the amount was before closing.
As of now, the site does not load for over a week and there is no update on their blog either. So we are going ahead and adding it to the Closed List.